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by melvin polatnick - Date: 2008-05-24 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

Giant subsidized farms have destroyed the small farm. These giant farms operate at a loss and only survive by the billions given to them as welfare payments. That is the reason they can sell a head of lettuce for one dollar when it costs them to two to produce. This unfair farming practice has closed down over five hundred thousand small farms that can't compete against government handouts.

The five acre farm is self contained it does not need government assistance to survive. It understands what it has to grow in order to survive and does it in a way that is profitable. The small farm is labor intensive which means a five acre farm can employ as much as fifty hands. This is great for the economy because it lowers the rate of unemployment and eliminates the need for public welfare.

There are billions of people in Asia that owe their lives to the small farm. They could never have survived without it. The governments in those countries never heard of welfare nor did they need it. If a person was hungry or homeless, there was always work and housing available on a farm. If you did not want to work you would not eat. There is nothing fairer than that. The governments in those countries would never think of driving the small farm out of business because if they did millions would starve.

The answer to the social problems in this country is to bring back the small farm. Thousands of five acre farms run by talented owners would empty the cities of permanently unemployed welfare recipients and close down homeless shelters. There would be no feelings of uselessness when hundreds of thousands of good jobs are available on small farms.

There are problems that will occur when we give this country a new agricultural base. But they will be solved in a humane and intelligent way. In the long run it will be better for us all. We must not let the billionaire farmers who run the gigantic farms for government handouts stand in the way of the small farmer. Our country will continue to suffer social unrest and high unemployment if we do.

Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, on Monday said he agreed with President Bush's decision to cut the $300 billion dollar farm bill because it did not cut subsidies to wealthy farmers enough.
"I would veto that bill," McCain said, calling the farm bill an unwarranted handout to corporate farmers and an obstacle to freer agricultural trade worldwide.

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