Back Acne: The Double Trouble

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Back acne or "bacne" whichever way you refer, the suffering is severe. The major problem with back acne is that it covers your neck, back till the waistline and hence you can't see them and actually visualize the condition. Hence the probability of the simple pimples to transform into sebum filled nodules is higher. Bacne easily take the shape of acne scars.

Unlike the facial acnes, treatment for back acne cannot depend on cleansing solutions or anti-acne ointments with oral antibiotics. The conventional surgical method is also not very much suitable to cure the ailment. At the initial stage of the growth of back acne, the topical medicines may be useful but once they have formed nodules these balms fail to show their action.

Special composition of lotions

For the treatment back acne a special type of alpha hydroxy lotion is very much effective. The glycolic acid present in the lotion directly acts on the acne nodules and dries up the sebum and clearing them from the skin. Before use you must make sure that the compositional part of glycolic acid in the alpha hydroxy lotion is nearly ten percent.

In using the alpha hydroxy lotion you have to follow some criteria. It can never benefit you if you directly apply the lotion on the back acne. The procedure is a combination of cleaning followed by the application of the lotion in the correct dose.

You must take the help of someone to do this for you. Clean the back of your body with mild cleansing solution. Extra dirt will wipe out in this way. Remove the water with the help of a dry towel and see to that you don't pinch the acne. The lotion has to be spread on the back acnes along with the area covering the acne in a mild way and the lotion coat has to be given a few minutes to get dried. Never apply a cloth or a towel to wipe the portion after applying the lotion. As a finishing touch you must apply some moisturizer to prevent the skin from excess dryness. Alpha hydroxy is a great healer of back acne. There's no doubt in it.

Use of backpacks

You can use backpacks only if the back acne have just started sprouting. The pack will immediately squeeze and shrink the acnes. But if the condition has already taken an adverse shape get it treated under the supervision of a dermatologist. Self-help may fall back on you heavily this time.

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