Does Your Mattress Need Anti-Depressants?

by Terry Price - Date: 2006-12-02 - Word Count: 623 Share This!

This article will give you some money-saving tips on purchasing your next mattress. Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes and this article will give you some information on numerous price ranges to fit your budget. First of all, those mismatched sets purchased from your local store will save money. The mattress covers on them are usually a different print or color and that essentially is the only thing wrong. You can ask yourself does it really matter if the covers are different, because who's going to see them? Call around to various furniture stores and see if they have mismatched sets they are trying to sell. Now here's an excellent tip! Have you ever considered visiting your local mattress factory? If you have one in your local area, you will probably really enjoy your mattress purchasing experience. They have no pushy salesman and no fancy show rooms, and are probably more than willing to custom-make your mattress for around $200-$300. You're also going to find mattresses that are purchased through an advertisement are more than likely flimsy and badly made. Unless you purchase a tempurpedic or some other manufacturer like serta mattress, you probably won't be happy with the quality.

How about buying a patchwork mattress? Have you ever heard of one of those before? This is a mattress where you're going to find remnants of material for the top, bottom and side fabric with them not matching. But think to yourself for a minute, is anybody going to really care what your mattress looks like. The bottom line is how comfortable is it! Whether you have a foam mattress cover or a futon, most mattress companies update the covers on their mattresses and box springs every two years. Every two years in December, beds go on sale to clear out the old covers. December is a great time to purchase a mattress for $300-$400 that normally retails for $1,500 plus!

Beware of fancy commercials advertising, independent movement of one person on either side of the mattress. People have been known to pay a thousand dollars or more and the mattress ends up holding onto the depression that your bodies make. Turning the mattress over numerous times doesn't work as the impressions simply reappear almost immediately after you turn it. So, you can imagine purchasing an expensive mattress and living with these depressions in the middle for all of these years. With this experience, you may find that the $300-$400 mattresses would be a better buy. Do you have a waterbed? Get rid of the old waterbed mattress and purchase an air mattress to fit into the waterbed frame. These mattresses are very durable and they fit your body nicely, and can last five or more years.

Like any purchase, doing your legwork first is a good idea. When shopping from store to store, take a little note pad and a pen with you. Write down your price quote, which includes the salesman's name, coil count, wire size, cover type, and filling. Most mattress and furniture stores have manufacturers make them special name mattresses. It's possible, for these to be a serta YY model at the dept store and the same serta "YY" at the mattress store. Even after doing your homework and legwork and you know the type of mattress you want, ask the salesman if they have any clearance or close out mattresses. It is possible to buy a closeout of the previous year's model for $400 that retails for say $1,000. Now that's a deal! Also, be bold and ask for the bed frame for free. Always remember to ask if they match competitor's prices. You'll be amazed at how much your salesperson would be willing to bend to make the sale!

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