Part Time Job Is Mostly Preffered

by John Wellington - Date: 2006-11-16 - Word Count: 312 Share This!

Most of us would prefer to have a part time job instead of a full time one. Everybody I know would love to have more time to spend with their family and loved ones instead of being at work all day. All of us feel the crunch of time when trying to get things done around the house and in our personal lives. Having a full time job sometimes makes it difficult to get everything accomplished that you would like to in your personal life. Learning how to manage your time is important for all of those who work full time.

Although having a part time job would allow you the flexibility to get things done on your own schedule, there are many disadvantages to having a part time job. Every part time job I have ever had has not been able to provide me with the funds or benefits necessary to lead a comfortable life. Having health insurance is very important to me and no part time job offered it. Medical bills are the number one cause of debt in this country and having health insurance is vital when it comes to your financial stability.

Like most people I have many responsibilities that I would deal with in my extra time if I had a part time job. On a normal day there are many things around my house that need attention and other personal matters that need to be dealt with as well. Being at work 40 hours every week does make it difficult sometimes to take care of everything that I need to. Like most people I am willing to devote this amount of my life to a full time job because I need the money and the benefits in order to have the kind of life that I want.

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