Best Sexual Positions - the Morning Star Position

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 431 Share This!

This is a sexual position that is ideal in the morning when you have just woken up.

It's a gradual sexual that takes account of the fact that want a relaxing position and its guaranteed great start to the day.

Lets look at this sexual position.


The process of waking should be gradual to be enjoyable. Opening one's eyes and jumping out of bed causes a great deal of physical and mental stress, which in turn has negative consequences.

Also, waking from sleep and continuing in one's sexual activities done the night before is often undesirable and practically impossible for some people.

The Morning Star

The morning star or simply the star position is elegant, simple, and effective.

The couple is not face to face, for even too much disturbed from their sleeping position.

The movements are mutual and stimulation to both the clitoris and g-spot are effective and pleasurable for both partners.

How to Assume the Morning Star

The woman will lie on her back, and lean slightly away from the man.

The man lies on his back as well, and leans towards the woman.

He then slides underneath her, with her raising her left leg to accommodate him. The man enters from underneath, and the woman adjusts herself to accept the man's member deeply.

The trusting can be mutual, in a see-saw manner, rather coordinated, and the couple neither faces each other, but are side to side, forming a six-pointed star.

The stimulation on the clitoris can be varied from light to intense, and the pleasure delivered to both parties, as an end to an evening or the start of the day, is inestimable

Variation on the Star Position

While in the star position, it is very easy and quite enjoyable to switch to the two spoons.

The two spoons is simple the man and woman in fetal position, joined, and this can be achieved from the star position, without the man withdrawing.

While in the two spoons, the couple can easily re-assume the star position and this switching technique tends to extend naturally the lovemaking act.

The man can trust, and then stop. The woman can reverse thrust, and then stop and the couple can move in tandem, thrusting and counter-thrusting.

Coming Down

After the orgasm and climax, the couple can lay in mutual embrace, in the two spoon position.

This will evoke a sense of extreme closeness and sensitivity.

Light conversation with expressions of affection will tend also to bring the couple closer together, but on a mental and even spiritual level.

After some minutes in mutual embrace, the couple can either re-sleep, or rise and begin their day.

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