Get Close and Personal to Increase Response Rates

by Vansontan - Date: 2008-06-26 - Word Count: 404 Share This!

In an increasingly crowded market space, getting personal in your individuals goes for a while now. Whether you have technical marketing expertise or are simply seeming to improve your marketing results, you'll windfall from learning more nearly "modeling" and personalization.

As sellers craft a good amount sophisticated customer relationship management sys­tems, databases collect richer content. Integrate what you have with predictive modeling techniques and you're set to hit the market with wonderfully personalized communications. Custom­ized messages, in turn, open awesome options for jacking up response and improving ROI.

Here's what you may not hold realized: The direct market­ing manager who knows how to plan and automate the responses to a cross-channel campaign may shine in 2008.

The integration of database wealth and precise campaign planning promises extraordinary results, but it's not easy. It's not necessarily cost-prohibi­tive, either, but it does call forethought. The proper campaigns anticipate, embrace, and predict possibilities, then seamlessly direct the possible outcome into appropriate channels. The approach can unfold automatically because the technology is in place to make this happen, but only when direct sellers prepare carefully, before day one.

For example, suppose you're planning your spring 2008 cam­paign. For starters, seriously consider running the numbers on a are expected variable information personalization (VDP) investment.Whatever your initial approach, when the returns flow in, stra­tegic planning will incorporate a sequence of automated responses. Did the prospect request more information? Those are ready to go out the door. Did an order come in? You send a "thank-you," of course, but you furthermore are prepared with a cross-sell or upsell. Your Web site is primed to persuade. Is the response from what i read in a particular market segment (geographic, cultural, income, gender, age)? You have an in-kind response waiting to go. If you've prepared, your responses are impressively customer-centric. And it all happens automatically.

In our experience, direct resellers who do this well try to be like clearly defined goals in their cross-media campaigns. From first-touch, properties have a procedures which concentrates on the goal, the audience, and the workflow. Optimizing presently process takes knowledge and experience. A sophisticated direct selling production compa­ny should be able to deal in each aspect of your campaign, as positively as suggest elevated ideas about how to personalize and auto­mate direct mail, e-mail, and Web site information.

The bottom line is that personalization improves results. Think about personalizing your next message to families as well as implementing an ongoing campaign of personalization.

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