Do I Really Need a Condom?

by Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry) - Date: 2007-01-15 - Word Count: 619 Share This!

As humans we enjoy physical contact. Simply the touch of a partner's hand or the gentle caressing of their lips heightens our senses. At, we often receive questions such as: "Is a condom mandatory?" An embrace in clothing is not as stimulating as holding one another in the nude. So why do people continue to wear condoms if they know sex relies heavily on feeling? True, there are pros and cons to condoms. Many people weigh their options and come to a personal decision that suits them.
Do you really want to kill the moment? Condoms are a great way to be safe, but can quickly eliminate the vibe, especially while applying. If you ask your partner to wear a condom, make sure to sustain the mood with erotic talk. Start touching yourself and moan loudly. The guy should be able to maintain his erection throughout the awkwardness of applying the condom. Better yet, you put the condom on him, he will enjoy watching you stroke his man-hood and remain in "good-to-go" mode. If you decide not to use a condom, imagine yourself playing Russian roulette, not knowing if a bullet is going to result in a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.
Are you at a point in your life where you want a baby? Condoms are not 100% effective against impregnating someone, yet they can be a great preventative measure. "Don't worry about it. I'll pull out." Some guys claim to pull out before having an orgasm, but pre-ejaculate comes without warning and can knock up a woman pretty easily. If having a child with your partner makes you twitch, perhaps protection should be considered. If you are completely against condoms and in a safe relationship, there are other methods of birth control.
Do you really need a sexually transmitted disease? The pill, the patch and the shot are great ways to get pleasure from sex and help prevent the stork from flying in with a baby. However, contraceptives do not protect against STD's. If you are with a steady partner, go and get tested. Once the doctor gives both of you the thumbs up, cross your fingers and hope your partner is faithful. Having unprotected sex is a gamble, and with every good thing in life, comes consequence.
How much sensitivity will you accept during sex? Condoms vary in styles from ultra-thin to ribbed, which will give you much more pleasure than the standard condom. For most guys, the standard condom can detract a good amount as far as feeling and it is easily compared to wearing a raincoat. Now imagine the raincoat giving you a big hug, forcing you to gasp for air. Suffocated and robbed of sensitivity is how a penis may feel, trapped inside a standard condom. Girls may also loose some sense of gratification when their man wears a condom. Vaginas are generally sensitive to touch, thus the naked penis gently sliding in and out may feel great. Is it worth the risk or are you going to accept a little less sensitivity by using a textured or ultra thin condom instead of the standard raincoat?
If babies and sexually transmitted diseases are not on your gift list this year, be careful and come to an educated decision. Remember, sex is not only penis to vagina contact; sex involves mood, touch and respect. Whether your choice is to wear a condom or not, you must listen to one another and work as a team. Watch out for the stork, he can be brutal to those without protection. For me, I will give up a bit of sensitivity, wear a condom and protect my partner and myself against an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

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