5 Things You Must Know Before You Even Consider Filing For Bankruptcy - Part 1

by Peter O'Sullivan - Date: 2007-03-09 - Word Count: 424 Share This!

Have your debts reached the point where they have become unmanageable and you now feel like they're starting to go over your head?

Have you been tempted by, or are you still contemplating filing for bankruptcy?

If so,... don't do anything until you've read this short article, as I'm sure you'll be surprised about how many alternatives you have available to you!

Many people in a situation similar to yours, feel that filing for bankruptcy is there only option. It is of course an option, but bankruptcy should ideally be a last resort, rather than an option to consider.

I know your main focus at the moment is probably to get as many of the creditors off your back as quickly as possible, but there are several alternatives before you have to file for bankruptcy.

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) One of those alternatives is called an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement. (Although many people think it stands for Individual Voluntary Agreement).

An IVA works differently to becoming bankrupt, and is often seen as a much more preferable arrangement for anybody in a position where their debts seem to be spiralling out of control. It still manages to achieve your focus of getting your creditors off your back quickly, without much of the personal humiliation and stigma attached to bankruptcy.

It's not uncommon for professional debt management companies to be able to negotiate 40%, 50% or even as high as 75% of your debts to be written off, depending upon your current circumstances and which creditors are involved.

In other words, choosing bankruptcy as a way out is a very drastic step, and not necessarily the right solution for your financial predicament.

Debt Management Plans / Informal Payment Plans Another option is to negotiate with your creditors directly. This can be done by you personally, or you could opt to use a reputable debt consolidation company such as The Debt Consolidation Centre.

This is where you work with a debt management firm, and instead of paying your creditors directly, you pay a pre-agreed amount to them and they individually pay all of your creditors for you each month.

The intention is to take away a lot of the headaches involved with managing multiple debts and can work out as a very efficient way of dealing with your debts in their current state rather than leaving things to progress into a situation where an IVA or bankruptcy are your only options.

Look out for the second part of this article, where I'll go into detail about three other things you must know before you even consider filing for bankruptcy.

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