The Benefits Of Marathon Training For Beginners

by Tristan Bull - Date: 2007-11-26 - Word Count: 586 Share This!

Many people decide they want to run a marathon. It is a type of achievement that people look back on fondly. Running a marathon is often a new year's resolution for many people or when they sit down and write out what they want to achieve in their life often running a marathon is on their list. So these people need to know how to run a marathon even when they have no idea about what is involved. Marathon training for beginners is just like any other type of training, except it is specifically for people who want to complete their first marathon.

If you are one of those people who have just made the decision out of the blue to run a marathon but have no idea how to go about it then you need to find out everything you can about marathon training for beginners. It is relatively simple, what you need to do is find a marathon training plan that when followed correctly will have you completing your first marathon even if you have never put a pair of running shoes on in your life. That's the beauty of marathon training for beginners because you don't need to be a pro to complete a marathon. You need to be a pro is you want to break the marathon world record but if you only want to complete your first marathon then marathon training for beginners is all you need to concern yourself with.

It's just the basic principles that separate marathon training for beginners and marathon training for advanced runners. When you are a beginner you don't know what is required to run the full 26.2 miles. You are not aware of how long you should be training for and how often. When you are just starting out you are not familiar with any of the terminology used by marathon runners so it is all brand new to you. That's why marathon training for beginners is something you need to look at when you first start out. Once you learn all the basic terminology and what is actually required to run a full marathon then all you need to do is go out there and do it. It is just the initial learning curve that separates marathon training for beginners and marathon training for advances runners.

When you just start out your training will teach you the basic principles you need to learn. For starters most marathon training programs will last for at least 3 months and it is recommend that you do some type of running before you even start your marathon training. Marathon training for beginners and advanced runners still follow the same basic training principles of training 5 days a week and having two rest days. Marathon training for beginners will also have you cross training once a week. If you are a total beginner you will not know what cross training is. Cross training is an alternative to the type of training you have been doing. For example walking, bike riding or swimming.

So if you have decided to complete your first marathon then you should be completing marathon training for beginners so that you will be totally prepared for your first marathon and complete it successfully. Knowing the right ways to train and the correct principles that a beginner needs to know before they start training will ensure that when the day of the marathon comes you will be fully prepared and have an enjoyable and successful experience.

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