The Different Types of Kitchens

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The kitchen is a very important room when building or renovating a home or a restaurant. That is because the kitchen is used almost every single day. So everything in the kitchen will have to be as perfect as possible so as to avoid future inconveniences. If you are requesting a quotation for a kitchen, perhaps it falls into one of these categories.

Home kitchen.

A quotation for the home kitchen is most commonly seen. There are many different types of styles you can choose for your home kitchen. Some examples include country style, contemporary style (most popular), English style, etc. The choice of style depends on one's personal preferences, and several other factors.

Other components to consider for the home kitchen include the size of the kitchen, the cabinets, the cooking equipment, and the flooring. Of all these different components, perhaps you will be spending the most time on choosing the right type of cooking equipment.

Home cooking equipment can include many items. You may need to decide whether you want a built-in oven or a standalone one; or whether you need a high powered cooker hob. The type of equipment you choose depends on cooking habits and the number of people that you will be cooking for.

A gourmet kitchen.

A gourmet kitchen can also be appropriate for your home. But how is it different from an ordinary kitchen? For sure, to cook gourmet, a larger kitchen is required, since gourmet cooking requires more space. The type of cooking equipment and utensils are also different.

In other words, a gourmet kitchen is expected to be bigger and better furnished than an ordinary home kitchen. You can expect a gourmet kitchen to have multiple ovens and high tech dishwashers. As it is much better equipped, a gourmet kitchen is more suitable for cooking different types of gourmet dishes. It is also more suitable for a larger family.

Restaurant kitchens.

Restaurant kitchens are drastically different from home or gourmet kitchens. Since they are meant for business, a lot of cost considerations have to be taken into account. For example, how many customers are expected on a daily basis? And what type of equipment will be suitable for catering to this quantity of customers.

Since restaurant cooking equipment are used for many hours a day, they are expected to be more heavy duty and durable. Most industrial level cooking equipment have better heating technology so that the cooking is more consistent. They are also much bigger, allowing you to cook a lot more in a shorter period of time. However, they may come at four to five times the price of ordinary cooking equipment.

For all three types of kitchens, perhaps the biggest concern is price. And price is dependent largely on the type of cooking equipment you choose for your kitchen. So be clear about the type of kitchen you want before asking for quotes.

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