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Everyone can and has Channeled, at some time in their lives. If you have ever found yourself explaining something in detail but the words you are using do not fit with in with your own vocabulary. Writers and Artists often speak of not knowing where their inspiration comes from. If you have a problem and do not know which way to turn then all of a sudden you get a 'brainwave' and the answer to your problem is suddenly very clear. These are all examples of Channeling.

As I have already mentioned, most people have already channeled at some point in time. However, Channeling is a skill that can be learned. You do not need to have been psychic since birth or already well on the way to being spiritual Enlightened. But you do need to be patient and also very determined to make the connection with spirit.

To Channel you need to achieve an expanded state of consciousness (become open to the higher realms) which allows you to connect with your higher self or high-level guide. You need to learn how to raise your vibration to hear, see or sense these higher realms. Just as a side note, your Guides or Higher Self step down their vibration to level with yours - just in case you thought the connection was all effort on your part

People who have started to channel, very quickly seem to realise that they are changing. They have admitted to having more compassion for others. They can see the larger picture and perceive the world in a positive way. They have achieved more properity because of the changes they made in their lives. They have different attitudes, they now know their purpose in life. They put a high level of trust in the messages they receive, because they know the messages are from their guide and for their ultimate benefit.

Many people are driven to learn about Channeling. Sometimes events happen that cannot be explained rationally, such as a strong sense of recognition of a place never seen before. A dream that comes true. An out-of-body experience or a lucid dream perhaps. Perhaps books start coming you way, you meet someone new and your whole view of reality starts to shift. Many people that have studied Yoga or meditation suddenly find themselves drawn to additional learning in psychic abilitites. Some people have never even though about Guides and Channeling but happen upon a book or article and it all seems to fall into place. It just feels right. These messages are sent to help find your higher direction as well as helping you achieve it. Your life will take on more purpose, more meaning, you will know in what direction you should be moving. You will become the person you are meant to be - the real you. Instead of swimming against the tide you will feel like you are flowing gently with the current.

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