Giving More Respect For The Elderly - A Changing World And Generation

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The world is becoming a more and more cruel place and Darwin's theory of Survival of the Fittest seems to be more true these days than it ever was. Everybody is chasing an unreachable goal of more power and more money. If you can't keep up, you are left alone in the dark.

Time has become the most valuable asset and people are protecting their time more than anything else.

Older people have time and a lifetime of knowledge but this generation is viewing them as a time burden that can add very little value to our lives. While older people's physical abilities might not match that of younger people, their knowledge and years of experience are a valuable gift to those that are prepared to listen.

In most cultures the treasures the elderly have to share were savored and looked upon with the necessary respect and people used the opportunities to learn valuable life lessons.

Going back in history there are many references to students following the teachings of elders. In the book of Acts in the Bible there is a reference to Paul sitting at the feet of the elder, Gamaliel, busy learning from him. The way the passage is portrayed in the writing shows the great respect Paul had for Gamaliel and that he was privileged to learn from him.

In Ancient Greece a crucial part of the wealthier teenage boy's education was in the form of a mentorship with an elder. The boy would learn by watching the elder talking about politics, assist him in performing public duties and attends symposia with the elder.

In African cultures elders have always been valued and retirement homes didn't exist. Elders stayed part of the community. When they couldn't care for themselves anymore their children and family were proud and privileged to assist and protect them until the time came that they passed on.

Disrespect, especially under the youth, has become a global problem. Not just disrespect for the elderly but disrespect in general. Cultural pride is becoming less and less important. Belief systems are mocked, laws are broken and promiscuity is rather the rule than the exception. The elderly are seen as old-fashioned and completely out of sync with the modern status quo.

Instead of choosing the elderly in the community, the youth would rather choose their role models from unsavory and sometimes criminally inclined celebrities. The reason for this is obvious as stated in the first paragraph of this article.

This generation has become obsessed with power and money opposed to knowledge and general goodwill.

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