Breaking Web-Based Writing Conventions

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2010-03-14 - Word Count: 515 Share This!

When writing for the web, short and simple has long been the order of the day. As you can see, there are a so many websites that contains the same topic as yours. Your chance of getting a lot of readers that will read your text will be hard to attain.

After all, most readers especially those who are information-seekers and blog readers will automatically turn to the next website if they found the first one not so interesting. You don't need to make your writings long. Always keep in mind that you are writing in order to express to your readers what your message is trying to convey to them and not because you have to consume most of their time. So short passages always rule over the web. Write concisely and clearly.

Short sentences, quick paragraphs, plenty of white space and bullet item points are what you should be using to communicate your ideas to online readers, as standard guidelines go. Most of all, since you have to write shorter than usual, you need to make sure that in every sentence that you wrote in your content, it should always contains a direct point where your readers can easily understand your message clearly.

This idea of keeping your online writing in a specialized format, coupled with a detailed proofreading (which we recommend doing with an advanced writing software), has long been accepted as the de facto style necessary for web-based content. More than simply serving as a guideline, its effectiveness has been proven to work time and time again. However, not all people are aware of that but it is very important to know such things especially if it will help you greatly in terms of how to write effectively online.

So, does this mean long, flowing text has no place being published online? Not exactly and it's not that like that as what you are thinking.

If you started reading a book published online and found it especially engaging, would you really refrain from reading because there are no bullet points? When an excellently-written article breaks all the above rules bit features on the most compelling ideas you've come across, are you really going to search for something else instead?

Just like with books, most people will be willing to pay full attention to your writing if it's good. If a piece of writing drips with passion, style, flair and vibrant language, there's a good chance people will stay on it, even when it breaks the conventions of online copywriting. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that you might generate a bit more interest from readers, as a direct result of your copy's ability to break the monotony of generic web writing models.

That's why you need to pay attention with how you wrote your content well. Does it attracts your reader's attention or are you writing the correct and proper way to catch their interest? Simply put, if you have something important to say and have the chops to stylishly detail it, you can get away with writing in a more traditional, less web-centric manner.

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