Article Marketing Is Done Entirely Wrong!

by Melvin Perry - Date: 2007-03-01 - Word Count: 730 Share This!

For the past year, there has been a big push or craze towards writing and submitting articles as a valuable marketing strategy. Writing articles is indeed a highly recommended task for the marketer, especially if you are trying to generate lifetime traffic to your website. Many marketers are using this strategy, and they are indeed seeing a steady progression in traffic from it. But what I noticed from most article marketers is that they are wasting their time and effort by not capitalizing on the true power of article marketing.

Now let me explain myself. What I have to say may sound controversial, but it is the truth.

For one, I am seeing so many internet business owners market articles as a means to send streams of traffic to their adsense empire of sites. Now many are seeing good results from this, but they are losing a great amount of money limiting the power of article marketing to simple adsense websites.

Why spend all that time and effort sending a one shot visitor to an adsense site. Your hours for creating and marketing articles is far more valuable than you think.

You see, when I create and submit my articles, I have the sol intent on creating a viral mechanism that will channel residual traffic to my website. When I mention residual traffic, I am talking about visitors that you can send over and over again to your website or any website you want. This should be the number one type of visitor that you are trying to cultivate in your entire marketing plan.


Well residual visitors, when cultivated properly, are known to be the most responsive to your offers. You can send them to an offer, and pretty much guarantee a good number of sales due to the prior relationship you established with them. Also, with residual visitors, you have total control over what they see because the traffic you build now becomes your asset. You actually own the traffic!

Therefore, I highly encourage every marketer to see article marketing as I see it, as a means to send residual traffic to your website.

Now the question becomes, "How do I gain residual traffic power through the use of articles?"

The answer to this question is more simpler than you think. You'll continue marketing articles the same way, but where you send your visitors in the resource box is the door opening key to a lifetime of residual traffic that grows every day.

So where do you send your visitors?

As I know of, there are only 2 possible ways to create residual traffic to your website via articles.

1. Blogs and RSS feeds

Sending visitors to your blog or rss feed via your articles is another way to generate residual traffic. The good thing about blogs and rss feeds is that people subscribe to them if the information and content on the blog is entertaining and of good quality.

Every time you make a blog post, the individuals that subscribed to your blogs and rss feeds would pull up this post and have the opportunity to read your marketing message and visit your site. The more people that subscribe to your rss feeds, the more residual traffic that you will generate. The neat thing about this blog and rss method is that the posted message bypasses every spam and email filter out there. So you can pretty much guarantee that over 40% of your rss subscribers will access your message and visit your site.

2. Opt In Landing Pages

Sending your article visitors to your opt in email capture pages is another way to generate residual traffic. As the article visitor lands on your landing page, you then have the power or ability to capture this visitor's name and email address and store it for future purposes. Once you have the visitors email address, you can then broadcast a message and send them to any website you want.

So I hope you got a clear understanding about the power of article marketing in order to generate lifetime residual traffic. Remember, your main goal as an internet marketer is to create residual traffic for your business that you will own. You should never fully rely on search engines, or other people's websites alone, to build your traffic. You should always be in the business of building traffic that you will own so that you can completely control the entire growth and momentum of your business.

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