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In recent years, the phenomenon of outsourcing has become more and more popular among privately owned companies, and it's not hard to see why once you start looking into the subject.

Outsourcing can be a much more effective way to run a business, especially when that business develops to a level where running everything in house ceases to be cost efficient. For example in a privately run business where the owner does all the work, a certain level of success would mean they would be unable to continue doing everything themselves.

By outsourcing essential parts of the business to capable providers - such as accounting for instance - the owner is able to forge ahead and develop the business still further, as they have freed up some time to be able to do so. But could this kind of business arrangement work for publicly run organisations as well, or is it something that is designed purely for the private sector?

While it is true that these solutions were born out of the needs of the private sector initially, there have been collaborations between the public and private sectors in order to manage the publicly run organisations more efficiently. What's more, these collaborations have proved to be highly successful on many occasions.

These ground breaking exercises have succeeded in proving one thing - that there is no reason why business practices and methods that work in one sector should not work just as well in another. For example, many government councils have benefited hugely from outsourcing certain requirements to private companies in order to provide a more rounded and better run service than they could provide solely ‘in house'.

The fact that more councils are outsourcing essential services, such as payroll and training needs, to privately run companies points to the fact that these methods are working - and they are working well. The key to succeeding in this area is to ensure that the top managers with each council have a firm picture of the goals they would like to achieve from adopting private sector strategies, so that they are able to forge a partnership with the right private company that will help them to reach those goals.

But perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to public sector management partnering with private companies is that the end goal will always be broadly the same.

The fact is that the one thing which all private and public sector entities have in common is that the end user is always the same - the customer. If a meeting of the minds is necessary between these two sectors in order to raise the bar when it comes to providing the best service possible to the customer, then outsourcing in this way will surely be the only way forward.

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