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Why go for the usual array of Christmas gifts - novelty socks and dodgy jumpers - when you can go for one of the fabulous experience days now available! The fantastic thing about these presents is that they stay with you forever - all those exciting memories can be captured by photos which you'll happily look back on for many years to come.. and furthermore you can also choose from experience days which you enjoy on your own - or share with another loved one!

Take to the skies!
If the thought of a simple plane or helicopter ride is just too, well, tame for you - then how about the ultimate in daring experience days - airborne aerobatics! You'll be shown around your Bulldog plane and given an overview of all the safety features and controls - and kitted out in your flying gear. Then you'll have a pre-flight briefing of around 45 minutes and learn how to fly the aircraft (and how to bail out if necessary!) - and then you'll learn some aerobatic and air combat moves... After more one-to-one training time with your instructor, you'll sit side-by-side and take to the skies for a 35 minute aerobatic practical lesson! Getting rolling and looping as your stomach (and your instructor's nerves!) allows - and then once you're back on earth you'll get a memento certificate to show off with! Bet your other half still won't let you drive their car though.....

Otherwise, if you'd prefer to have an airborne buzz without necessarily losing your lunch, then how about experience days such as a 'winch launch' glider package! You'll get to experience the thrill of powerless flight and the wonderful feeling of gently gliding through the sky, with gorgeous scenery below you. During the session you'll have a pre-flight briefing and then be strapped safely into the glider with the instructor - then the craft is winched up by cable, and once released you'll be airborne and gliding! This is a wonderful and unusual gift, which will literally have you floating back down to earth!

...and back down again!
What could be a bigger adrenaline rush than leaping out of a plane at 13,000 feet on a tandem skydive? The great thing about doing a tandem jump is that you need no experience as your instructor takes care of the technical bits! You just need to have a short briefing, be securely strapped up to the instructor - and away you'll go for the jump of your life - getting the ultimate thrill as you skydive back to ground-level at 120 miles per hour!

Declare war!
Get some friends together for a high-octane day of paintballing! You'll get to duck and dive from exploding paint pellets and hunt down your enemy in warlike simulations - crawling about on the specially built 'battlefield', searching for people to fire at and generally having bags of fun - just check you don't paintball your own team!

High speed experience days!
For petrol heads, experience days don't get much more exciting than the magnificent Ferrari package! A full day of driving at your choice of a number of former airfields - and the chance to drive not one, but five high powered sports cars - an Impreza, a Porsche, a Ferrari 360 and a Lotus Elise! Not only driving in straight lines, you'll also get to experience a session of J turns and handbrake turns! Fantastic fun - so bring the camera! Just remember not to try and re-enact the moves in your own car whilst parking in the local supermarket car park later on...

Or perhaps motorbikes have always been your dream, in which case experience days don't get any better than the
Harley-Davidson Driving day - a full day on the road, on these classic bikes! Non licence holders get to enjoy a full day riding on the pillion with an experienced instructor on the open roads, or learning how to ride a specialised training bike, with the aim of doing a turn on a real Harley Davidson - going solo - on a private road network (skills permitting!)

And what's more, this fantastic array of experience days isn't all that's available - for adrenaline junkies everywhere there's other options for caving, bungee jumping, surfing, helicopter journeys, cowboy experience days - really as far as your imagination takes you! So really treat your adventurous loved ones to something that gets their pulses racing!

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