How To Background Check Public Records

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Why Background Check Public Records?
People background check public records for many reasons including to aid them in making major decisions. For example, landlords run background checks on potential tenants to make sure that they are renting to reliable tenants with clean criminal histories. Employers run background checks on potential employees for similar reasons. Parents run background checks to screen nannies. People even run background checks on their boyfriends or girlfriends to ensure that potential mates are who they say they are.

What Do Background Check Public Records Reveal?
Public records can reveal a great deal of information about an individual. For example, you can find out about a person's real estate holdings, date and location of birth, places where the person has lived, employment status, lawsuits the person has been involved in, marital status, criminal record, and much more. What you deduce from this information is up to you. For example, if your boyfriend has told you he's never been married but the background check - public records search reveals a marriage and/or divorce, you can deduce that your boyfriend has not been honest with you and may even be currently married.

How to Conduct a Background Check Public Records Search
No matter why you want to conduct a background check, public records are the place to start. After all, most of the information, if not all of it, that you need is contained in public records including courtroom records, marriage records, divorce records, property records, tax records, bankruptcy filings, and criminal records. You have several options available to you including hiring a specialist in background checks, going to public agencies one at a time to look up the records you want, or searching online public records databases. The advantage of using a public records background check service is that these services run comprehensive public records searches and return detailed reports with all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision. If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, or if you only need to verify one or two areas of the person's background, visiting public agencies or requesting the information through the mail may be an alternative. Another do-it-yourself option is to join a records registry database and look up the records online.

Background Check Public Records Success Tips
No matter which way you choose to run your background check, public records could show up for people other than the person that you are researching. For instance, if you are running a background check on an individual with a common name, you will need to carefully filter through results to make sure that the results are for the actual person. Birth dates can help narrow down the results, however, be aware that two individuals with similar names could conceivably have been born on the same date. If you're running a background check on a woman, keep in mind that she may have one or more last names due to marriages. You may need to run multiple background check public records searches for her based on her married and maiden names. Finally, for legal purposes, obtaining consent to conduct a background check is highly recommended.

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