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As a teacher, when I get ready every morning for school, I put on my earrings, my make-up and my personalized picture watch that was given to me on my first day of school. It’s a teacher watch with school books, a school bus and a little miniature school house on the face of my wrist watch.


Since I was given this personalized watch, I make it a point to give personalized picture watches to the people I feel will value them the most. I wanted to give a mom watch to my mom. My mother, who is a nurse wears her nurse watch that I had specially made for her every day- it has also become apart of her uniform. It has a red leather watch band with a gold watch face and on the face is a red cross, a small black medicine bag and a stethoscope all miniature sized and placed on the watch face.


My daughter wanted to give her ballet teacher a personalized ballet watch as a thank you gift. We ordered a ballet watch offline that had pink ballet shoes and a little girl in a pink tutu. Her ballet teacher loved it and she wears it to every class and every recital as apart of her ballet teacher uniform.


My children go to a private school and they all have to wear a uniform to school. Sometimes socks, backpacks and personal adornment like jewelry or other body wear are all that set kids apart from each other. I bought all my children personalized Child wrist watch that were all unique to them. A child horse watch for my daughter, because she rides horses and agolf bag watch for my son because he is on the junior golf team at school and is doing very well. Now whenever they are wearing their school uniforms they wear their child wrist watches and stand out a little from the crowd.


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