Perfect Wealth Formula, Wealth Magnet System, Edc Gold, Passport 2 Wealth Or Roadmap 2 Riches, Help?

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MLM is dead and Generate Instant Cash, aka GIC, is now the HOT business opportunity.

GIC is an exciting new online business concept and many folk are abandoning their MLM home based businesses, to learn online Internet affiliate marketing, in the hope of making a lucrative instant cash profit from their home base. Working from the home base, is the desire of many and driving around prospecting and giving in-home presentations is no longer a desirable home based business opportunity.

There are currently several GIC online business opportunities available to home based business entrepreneurs. Those businesses are EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Wealth Magnet, Roadmap to Riches and the Perfect Wealth Formula. These businesses are called high-end opportunities and they are not cheap to purchase but they are extremely profitable when promoted correctly.

The difference between GIC online businesses, and traditional product based MLM's, is that the GIC online business requires a one-time payment purchase and thereafter, the only out of pocket cost is for company web hosting, usually costing around US$15 - $49 a month.

Programs like EDC Gold and Passport to Wealth, promote software and eBook bundles, which can be purchased for $997. Unfortunately, the only downfall of these two opportunities is that the software and eBook bundles, the distributors sell for profit, are available from many other online websites.

Cost of entry to Passport to Wealth and EDC Gold is a one time payment of $997 plus monthly company web hosting. Distributors are required to pass up their first two sales of $997 to their sponsor before they are qualified to earn 100% commission of $997 per sale. Also, if you change your mind, after you have purchased these two business opportunities, you will not get a refund!

Roadmap to Riches, aka R2R, is also a 2Up compensation plan business opportunity like edc Gold and Passport to Wealth. R2R taps into the motivational and self-development market. Company website hosting is $49.95 a month and R2R also has a no refund policy.

I must admit, I have promoted a successful 2Up program in the past and I am not a fan of this compensation plan. The reason I dislike 2Up, is because, online marketing is about putting a percentage of your sales profit earned back into your marketing campaign. Unless you're cashed up from the beginning, you won't be able to afford your ongoing advertising costs, because you won't be making any cash profit until you have handed up nearly $2000 in qualifying sales to your sponsor.

Online business opportunities such as Perfect Wealth Formula and Wealth Magnet System, are online programs designed to teach novice marketers how to effectively advertise, market and make a lucrative profit online. The Perfect Wealth Formula and Wealth Magnet System are also Zero-Up compensation plans and they are both online teaching programs that will shave years off your online marketing learning curve.

I particularly like the Zero-Up compensation plan, which means as a business promoter, you will never have to give your first two sales away to your sponsor. Both programs also offer a 7-day cooling off period after business purchase.

The concept behind the Perfect Wealth Formula and Wealth Magnet System, is that to make money online, with any product from tooth brushes to coloured contact lenses, you must have a solid educated background in marketing and advertising.

The cost to purchase Wealth Magnet System, aka WMS, is $397 for the Basic teaching program and $797 for the Elite program. As a WMS business owner, you can make either $200 or $600 commission per direct sale and because WMS is a Zero-Up comp plan you will never have to give away any sales to your sponsor. The monthly on-going web hosting fee is $29.95 a month.

Finally, the Perfect Wealth Formula.

The cost to purchase the Perfect Wealth Formula business opportunity is $1697 for the elite Silver marketing program or $697 for the beginners Bronze program. As a PWF business affiliate, you can earn $1000 or $400 commission per direct sale.

PLUS, to earn unlimited passive income, the Perfect Wealth Formula offers two sponsoring incentives, paid daily, from personal affiliate direct sales. What this means is, each time an affiliates makes a sale of $1697 or $697, their sponsor, will earn a company over-ride bonus of either $200 or $100 a sale.

The Perfect Wealth Formula also offers the option to use an experienced call centre, to contact its affiliates fresh opt-in leads and close the sales on their behalf. The company call centre is an extra purchase option and ideal for anyone who may not be skilled or able to converse on the telephone.

The Perfect Wealth Formula, Wealth Magnet System, Roadmap to Riches, EDC Gold and Passport to Wealth each have their own positive and negative merits and are in no way associated with MLM.

I believe, if you are searching for a way to generate a lucrative income online, each business opportunity will produce excellent results with the correct online marketing methods.

To conclude, of the five programs listed above, this is what I would look for in an online business opportunity.

(1) I would search for an online program that will quickly teach me how to market and advertise online
(2) The Zero-Up Comp Plan is my top choice. I want to make a profit from my first sale so I can use some of the proceeds to fund my advertising
(3) I would prefer to earn $1000 or $400 a sale then $600 or $200
(4) The opportunity to earn passive income will give your sponsor the incentive to give you more assistance
(5) The option of choosing to use a Professional Call Centre to close all your Sales, in any Time Zone, 24 hours a day which frees up your time to pursue other interests.

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