Joining Passport To Wealth, Coastal Vacations, 1 Step Systems, Easy Daily Cash, Emerald Passport, Liberty League Or The Jaguar Marketing System

by DORNESSA HARRIS - Date: 2007-06-05 - Word Count: 409 Share This!

Sometimes new business owners in a variety of income opportunities like Passport to Wealth, Coastal Vacations, 1 Step Systems, Easy Daily Cash, Emerald Passport, Liberty League, etc... need a little help building their business. No worries! All of these direct sales opportunities work and can bring in a substantial income. There is no doubt about it.

Unfortunately, all across the internet we see that a specific opportunity is a scam. When, in fact, the author simply wants income opportunity seekers to invest in their business. I am here to tell you again and again that they all work. The bottom line is that individuals must get trained to properly learn to promote any income opportunity. All of the websites calling other opportunities scam are simply trying to scam the opportunity seeker into joining them in their business. I can not stress this enough. Regardless of the business opportunity one joins, everyone must acquire some type of training to succeed.

Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule. However, most don't. Why, simply because new business owners fail to get properly trained. They fall into the dream of "everybody doing a little." The truth is that it takes a very large number of contacts for any one individual to become successful in network marketing which is why the "three foot rule" was invented. Which means introduce the business to anyone who comes within three feet of you. Network marketing is a numbers game which is why most are never successful. You have to work the numbers to cross the golden gates.

Over 95% of all network marketers fail. They join businesses like Passport to Wealth, Coastal Vacations, 1 Step Systems, Emerald Passport and Liberty League with the impression that they will have someone their holding their hand teaching them exactly what they need to do in order to be successful. They soon learn that it is not the case and feel like they have just been suckered. In most cases, this is true. Most people in a homebased business do not know how to mentor their downline. They are just happy that they got one. Unfortunately, it was you.

I have joined a number of these programs. But, I am no amateur and I teach my downline how to market online as opposed to offline marketing. The three (3) foot rule does not apply. Read my Free Traffic Building Report and follow the step-by-step instructions to start generating your very own targeted prospect leads.

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