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File Recovery Software has announced computer user activities recording tool that stores all typed keystroke, digits, characters and special symbols like alt, ctrl, shift etc. Software application is not appear in start menu, task manager and add remove programs. Keylogger monitors children, family members as well as organization staff, as tracking there activities and prevent them from harmful websites, illegal community. Multimedia keyboard tracking software keeps all visited website URLs, chat history, account id, password, e-mail addresses, opened files, folders and documents with application name, session, date, time and drive location in a secret log file. Excellent keystroke monitoring tool works in desktop background separately and records all activities of computer user. It is also does not detected by any antivirus scan. Application runs efficiently under windows 98 ME NT 2000 2003 advance server XP media center 2005 Vista and Longhorn. Utility is password protected, so it can not be modified by any other users. Features: * Key logger has simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-handle GUI graphical user interface. * Keystroke monitoring software traces all special character like alt, ctrl, shift etc. * Tool tracks each account id passwords in a hidden log file. * Key tracing utility traces computer access activities with application name, session, date, time and drive location. * Software store all users chat conversation history, visited website URLs, E-mail addresses in secret log file. * Application runs independently in hidden mode hence no one can uninstall or remove it from computer. * Unable to view it from task manager, control panel add remove programs and start menu.

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