Sexual Problems - Loss of Male Libido Causes and Cures

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One very smart writer said that sex is not a problem, until there is a problem.

The truth is, a healthy male should have a strong libido well into his latter years.

It depends on who you are and how you lived your life, but such male heroes as Picasso, and Charlie Chaplin (to name only two) had very healthy sexual lives well into their 80s!

What is loss of libido and why does it happen and what can be done about it? Read on and inform yourself, and if it applies to you, we hope you find your renewed sexual energy.

Libido. What is it?

Said simply, libido is the urge to have sex (copulate), and is therefore also called sex drive

Libido. How is it Lost?

There are many factors which can contribute or cause themselves a loss of a man's libido. Some of these factors are psychological, some physiological, some environmental, and some infectual.

If a man is exposed to any number (or any one) of these factors, a loss of libido can be anticipated.

In any case, if a man at any age (especially over 50) is experiencing a loss of his libido, he must consult a competent doctor.

Psychological Origins of Libido Loss

Stress and anxiety are two leading culprits in libido loss.

These can be caused by depression and a doctor prescribing antidepressants, and other related medications.

However, depression on its own is enough to cause a general loss of libido, and distaste for sexual activity.

Physiological Origins of Libido Loss

The factors here can be (as mentioned above) libido loss due to medication (called iatrogenic causes).

Obesity is another leading cause of libido loss.

General illness or weakness c an also be blamed, as well as sleep disorders. Not sleeping enough can do great damage to a male libido.

Finally lack of exercise can cause a drop in your natural testosterone (androgen), and with it comes a loss of libido

Environmental Origins of Libido Loss

It has been shown that constant exposure to some negative environmental factors (such as bright lights, noise, or other environmental stressing factors can cause a reduction in libido.

Libido Loss Due to Infection or Illness

Although a man might now know he is infected with some disease or malady, his loss of libido is a good indicator that something is not right. A doctor should always be consulted.

Libido Enhancers - Drugs of ED (erectile dysfunction)

After a doctor has determined the cause(s) of the loss of libido, you may be recommended to take some form of medication to stimulate erection (and make sexual intercourse possible).

The brands of the medication are well known.

There are also some natural medications that contain age-old acceptable ingredients that will stimulate a man's system and help him overcome a libido loss.

Do not however take these herbal medications without consulting with your doctor first.
The herbal remedy will contain such ingredients as Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo biloba, and L-Arginine to name a few.

Self dosing and treatment may be dangerous (for example you may have prostate cancer and taking testosterone can make it worse!). If you have a libido loss, see your doctor first.

Finally, your libido loss could be to a general loss of interest in your partner.

Changing a partner, even for a simple one-off encounter) may show your libido is alive and healthy.

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