Keyword Analysis and How to Choose a Domain Name Part I

by Raymond Nesa - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 365 Share This!

In order to make the most of the opportunities presented by internet marketing, you must have your own website. It is not difficult to find a web host, and get a website on the go, but many people do not give enough thought to the single most important aspect of their site: the domain name.

The domain name is the name you give to your website. It should ideally be the title of your website. That's not as obvious as it might seem. You might want a website connected with calligraphy supplies, in other words selling supplies pertaining to calligraphy such as pens, brushes, paper and inks. An ideal name for such a website would obviously be 'Calligraphy Supplies', and that is what you might decide upon.

However, what if the domain of that name is already taken? What if the domain 'History of Calligraphy' is available, or even 'Beginners Calligraphy'? What now? Do you register one of these and change the name of your site or, keep the website name as 'Calligraphy Supplies' and use the alternative domain name regardless?

My advice is to register the domain 'Beginners Calligraphy', and rename you site 'Beginners Calligraphy', or perhaps at a push 'Calligraphy for Beginners'. Your domain must reflect the theme of your site. Many people are left with this problem, and most make the wrong decision. However, with a little thought you can put it to your advantage.

You can attract a lot of visitors with a beginner's calligraphy course, and even offer a seven day course in exchange for their email address. You have just started your all important list! Your calligraphy supplies will still be sold to your beginners, and your site can ultimately be extended. You can design a web page called 'Calligraphy Supplies' which does exactly what you wanted in the first place.

The purpose of the last three paragraphs was to show you that you can register a domain for your website different to what you originally were looking for, and design a good website around it. It need not be the title of your site, but you are well advised to change the title of your website to the domain name you have registered.

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