Conference Energisers - Grabbing Your Delegates Attention

by Shaun Parker - Date: 2007-09-03 - Word Count: 473 Share This!

There are three times of the day when conference energisers and ice breakers are most popular and most effective. The first is at the start of a conference. With many company's having offices all over the country and with working from home becoming increasingly popular, many of the delegates attending a conference will not have met each other before. So if people don't know each other, how on earth will you get them to effectively communicate with each other?

This is where a conference ice breaker comes into effect. A good energiser will encourage your delegates to speak with each other to move around and to feel at ease in the company of their colleagues. It will give your conference speakers a good platform on which to deliver the company message. An ice breaker doesn't have to be time consuming, in fact good ice breakers can last as little as fifteen minutes and have a great impact.

The next time that we see a huge popularity for conference energisers is what we call the "graveyard hour", the hour directly after lunch. It's the time of the nodding dogs, as your delegates struggle to keep awake as a direct result of a good lunch and a comfy seat. This is a prime time for an energiser. You need to get your delegates moving around, interacting and get the blood pumping around their bodies to wake them up!

This type of energiser really needs to be thirty to sixty minutes if you are going to be able to maintain your delegates attention once it's finished. Be sure you choose your conference speaker wisely after lunch, they need to be charismatic and exude energy to keep the momentum going.

Sometimes our third most effective time for a conference energiser is overlooked but never doubt the extremely positive and memorable impact that this particular slot can have. This is the energiser that happens just before the conclusion of the conference. Why energise delegates when they are about to leave?

It's simple, energise them then and they'll go away on a high, they will be full of self, team and company belief and they will have a positive recollection of your conference when they leave. This final slot could possibly be the most important time slot of the day.

Conference energisers and ice breakers are extremely important if you want your message delivered effectively, they are easily as important as selecting the right conference venue. Get the selection wrong or worse still, don't have an energiser and you'll be selling yourself short and your conference speakers will have to work ten times as hard to get your message across.

They don't need to be expensive and they can be effective for groups as few as 10 and as large as 1500, so make sure you remember them when you are organising your next conference!

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Shaun Parker has been at the forefront of conference energisers for several years now including musical, acting, magic, art and many other forms of entertainment during conferences.

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