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When I search for jobs at USA Online Jobs , I have come across some great job offers and have submitted my resume to various companies for review. I was lucky enough to receive several interviews. I have accepted a job with a big company in another area of the United States. I was more than happy to relocate and my family stood behind me one hundred percent. Because I used this job search site, I was able to select what job I would be interested in and in what location I would like to relocate too. Since I am a computer operator analysis, I needed to find employment with a company that still uses in house services.

I was surprised at how easy it was to use the USA Jobs site to search for a job in my field and also all the locations I could choose from without having to browse through jobs I was not interested in or the location. I say it took me about one month to find the perfect job and then it was just a matter of moving my family. The company also helped with this as well, they were more than happy to help pay for some of my relocation fees since they really wanted me to work with their company.

If you need a good place to look for jobs, I recommend USA Online Jobs because of the ease of use and the large database of jobs offered. Even if you are looking for a technical job or an office job, you can find many postings from employers everywhere. You can also have job listings emailed to you when something in your field becomes available. I really enjoyed this nice thing about the job site. If I was out for the day, I could look in my email to see if anything new was available for me to send my resume.


I have to agree with you about USA Online Jobs, I also found the site very helpful in finding employment. I wanted to stay in my own area, therefore I did a search for employers in my city and in a field, I was familiar with just the same. It only took me a couple of weeks and I was once again working. It was nice to have everything in one area and I enjoyed having job announcements emailed to my inbox so I did not have go there every day.

I would have say this site has potential to become the number one job search site. I enjoy reading about other people who have had success finding work, therefore I had to stop by and tell you that I was also a success story because I used USA Online Jobs. It is always nice to know we can all find work with the help of the internet.

I am now searching for work on USA Online Jobs and did not know until I read here, that I could have job alerts emailed to my inbox. I thank you for the bit of information. I am actively searching for work in the accounting business and really do not want to leave my home, so it might take me a little longer. My town is small, but I have seen that other areas around me have job opportunities.

I hope to be another success story in the near future, which I am confident I will be because there are many different locations to choose from on the job boards. I like to use a few other places as well, but I always seem to have more choices at USA Online Jobs. They seem to have a user-friendly site and I can navigate around it easily. I hope everyone has a favorable time looking for work on this site.


I had to stop by and let you know that I found USA Online Jobs helpful towards finding a home job opportunity. I was surprised to see it there and decided to check it out further. I work for a medical practice with four doctors. I go to their office once every two days to pick up tapes for transcribing and then I return home where I work in my home office.

This was a great opportunity that I found at USA Online Jobs and had to share my story with you. I am not running my own transcribing business and making enough money to support myself without having to sit in a stuff office all day. I like the freedom I have and I would never have found this great job anywhere else, so I think the website is great and I agree with everyone else. It is a nice site to find the perfect job.

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