Ticketamerica's Affiliate Program Benefits All Involved

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Tickets to major events are always in high demand. Whether it is a concert, a sporting event, or a sold our theatre show, TicketAmerica has got the tickets. Selling tickets is only a part of the job, though. In order to have true success, the company needs to have more people come check out the website and look at the various ticket options. That is where the affiliate program comes into play. TicketAmerica.com is dedicated to building relationships with other website owners and we take our affiliate program seriously.

The affiliate program provides an opportunity for website owners to get in on the action. Anyone who owns a website is eligible for the program, which simply requests that those webmasters put a simple link on their homepage to TicketAmerica.com. From there, all of the work on the website owner is done. If a person happens to make their way to TicketAmerica by clicking on such a link and then they choose to purchase tickets, that website owner will receive a 7% commission for that purchase.

That percentage might not seem like enough to bring the bank down, but with TicketAmerica averaging almost $450 per transaction, the money can add up very quickly. The company also makes it as easy as possible to get started for website owners. There is no start up cost or any associated monthly fee. All a website owner has to do is submit an application to TicketAmerica.com and wait for the affiliate manager to make contact. From there, things are easy and the money can begin to flow in.

*Looking Out for the Interests of Customers and Affiliates*
TicketAmerica.com is one of the few ticket companies out there that is truly interested in helping out both customers and their affiliates. They offer a program that even compensates the affiliates for orders that are made over the phone. If a customer mentions that he or she saw the ad at an affiliate's website, then that affiliate can be eligible for the commission bonuses. This type of service is unprecedented in the ticket business.

TicketAmerica.com's affiliate program is one of the reasons why it has become one of the leading providers of tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatre shows. By making a cooperative effort with various website owners to pull in more customer, an inevitable win-win situation has been created for the company, its customers, and the website owners.

Mark Kuta is The President of Ticketamerica. Mark has traveled all over the United States and has attended various concert, sports, and theatre events in most major cities. Since TicketAmerica.com specializes in entertainment, Mark Kuta makes it a point on dining at various restaurants and attending local clubs to find out just where hidden gems for entertainment are located.

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