Seo - Why Link Building Is Your Biggest Mistake

by Chris Angus - Date: 2006-12-01 - Word Count: 313 Share This!

Most webmasters will attempt some form of Search Engine Optimisation during their career as website owner. They will do this because they want to increase their website traffic and in turn increase their website sales.
Most will fail; this article will do into depth on how to build a good backlinking campaign correctly which will in turn increase ranking and sales.

People who are novices at SEO and read a few books or try to learn about SEO always seem to hear the same three words: backlinks, backlinks, and backlinks.
To some extent building backlinks will help your SEO project BUT it needs to be done correctly.

The correct way to build backlinks is as follows:

1) Get relevant websites with good Page Rank (PR) to link to your website
2) Get a Few Solid Directory Backlinks. From DMOZ, Yahoo and Business(dot)com.
3) Get a Good Link Baiting campaign going

The Incorrect way to build backlinks is as follows:

1) Write hundreds of articles (This produces low value, spammy links from the same block of IP addresses).
2) Write Hundreds of Press Releases about your site and how great it is.
3) Get unrelated sites with poor PR to link to you.
4) Participate in some sort of Link Farm

The most important point you can take away from this article is that you shouldn't get most or all of your links from the same source.

The search engines weight the quality of the backlinks and unfortunately, article backlinks are in the most part very low quality.

Therefore, having thousands of low quality backlinks will have very little positive effect on your SEO campaign.

Try to get backlinks from many different sources but keep the backlinks in the same genre.

Another important aspect to link building is to control the anchor text. Using the correct anchor text will get your site to the top of the search engines ten times faster than if you did not use anchor text.

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