Using Web Camera To Provide Fresh Contents For Your Website

by Reynaldi Baki - Date: 2007-10-27 - Word Count: 529 Share This!

Content is what brings people to a site. Websites that provide fresh contents tend to be more popular than those that don't. Search engines tend to reward websites that provide updated contents by giving such websites a better placement in search results. Providing regular content is the best way to make your website appealing both to visitors and search engines. This will subsequently lead more people to your website.

Unfortunately, providing site content regularly is not an easy job for many people, especially if the content is in the form of articles or require programming knowledge. Even a person who is an expert in a particular field may run into difficulties when it comes to writing. Even worse, not all topics can be easily written. Clearly, fresh content is important but providing content in the form of articles regularly can be a devil of a job .

It will be a great delight if you can still publish fresh contents on your website without having to carry out too many writing tasks. Although article is the most popular types of website contents, there are other types of contents for website. Two of the them are images and videos. Notice how popular websites that provide video clips to visitors today.

Of course for some people creating video clips regularly is not an easy task too. Building a website that receive user-submitted videos seems a cool idea, but you have to spend some times everyday to check the submitted videos. In addition, you need to use a web hosting service that provides a large amount of bandwidth and disk space.

Nevertheless, every problem has a solution. With the PC technology today you may consider to make use of your webcam to develop contents for your website. It means that the content is in the form of live video feeds. There are some advantages of using this technique. First, the content will be updated regularly and automatically. Second, the content will be unique. Publishing live videos is different from providing contents which are created by automatic content generators.

Now, what kind of videos can you provide? The answer of course depends on what the main theme of your website is. If your website is about a beach vacation you can provide the situation of a beach around your home, in real-time. Another example is to publish your the dynamically updated pictures of your home aquarium on the internet. The possibilities are endless.

There are experiments conducted by some people to prove the effects of music to the growth of plants. You can of course make a similar experiment and then by using two or more webcams you can publish the conditions of two plants with different treatments, where one of them is given a music in the morning everyday. Then, just let visitors visit your website regularly to find out which plant grows higher.

A web camera is an affordable tool. Nowadays you can get it for less than $50. In addition, broadband internet connections that are suitable to provide live videos is quite common today. Finally, by using your PC, web cameras and an internet connection you can provide fresh contents for your site visitors automatically without spamming.

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