Sometimes It's The Drama At The Bench Between The Attorneys And Judge

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After a long, tedious week in the largest U.S. cover up trial in history, the leading figures are spending the weekend in various ways. The jurors face a long bus ride, the lawyers and defendants prepare to work all weekend, and the accused returns to prison.

The United States district judge, winding up several exhausting days of testimony, wants everyone off the witness stand and out of the courtroom as quickly as possible before lawyers slip in another question The judge's comments brought a smile to the defendant's face. After answering endless rounds of questions without emotion, he looked drawn and pale. The marshals are waiting patiently to take him back to his correctional facility. He's currently serving a one to four-year sentence for his choice to obstruct justice.

The judge tells the jury to have a good weekend and to relax. He also tells them to enjoy their bus ride. The jury will head out on a day trip and maybe an outdoor lunch while they are sequestered over the weekend. Then the judge turned his attention to the attorneys, who were still throwing insults at one another. The judge had to call for them to stop more than once.

It seems you all have been effective, since you were able to extract an admission of having taken part in the cover up alleged in this matter. The testimony has been delivered and the jury is now facing the responsibility of choosing to believe him or not. Following a recess, then, he says he doesn't want the court influencing the jury.

It was impossible to determine how the jury perceived his testimony, but the defendant was steadfast in his very specific recollections regarding the cover up, which did not differ from those he presented in the earlier testimony before the committee. He did mis-state some of the dates. The testimony was not nearly as interesting as the battles waged between lawyers and the judge. Spectators had lined up early to try to get a seat.

The lawyers were incensed that the government refused to provide the name of the witness scheduled to testify the following Monday and made their feelings known in no uncertain terms. The chief prosecutor stated that he didn't have the name, and reiterated that the government never agreed to give them more than a day's notice. One argued he couldn't see why they objected to giving the witness name, and stopping another silly argument.

The prosecutor tried for a compromise. For the record, I think the prosecution is all wet when it comes to their approach on this case. I have been waiting months in vain for discovery. They don't want to release the name of the witness for Monday because they don't want the defense to have a shot at preparing to cross examine said witness. Though they've said their testimony could be found on the back of a matchbook cover, we've provided them with over a thousand pages of printed testimony. The district attorney got a big laugh when he sighed and then said they'd been getting along so well before this. But by then the judge had had enough and rising from his chair in preparation of leaving he stated that he's got enough problems now keeping the attorneys in line.

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