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Here are a few short Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

The first of these Photoshop tutorials tells you how to edit several layers of text at one time. This will prevent the nasty problem of ending up with layers of text on top of layers of text.

You could have identical text but varying style sets. You can also use this if you ever have to edit the text layer. With this tip you can edit all layers at the same time.

The first step is to open the Photoshop Layers palette, select one of the layers, then hit control + click on the next layer to select it at the same time. You can do this with several text layers.

The tutorial emphasizes that you must click not on the icon but on the words. The next step is to grab the Photoshop type tool, then select the text and edit it. Your changes will affect every layer you have chosen. To apply all changes use the shift key when you make the changes.

Another of the Photoshop tutorials is about improving the programs performance by enlarging tiles. All you need is at least one gig of RAM.

When you are performing Photoshop functions such as opening, running filter or effects or saving, the applications breaks the image into tiles, processing them one at a time, conserving the use of memory.

What happens because of this is your computer has to frequently read and write to the scratch disk or the RAM. If your computer's RAM is adequate your tiles can be processed at a size that is larger. This will reduce the times the computer has to do the reading and writing. The result is improved performance.

The process, according to Photoshop tutorials, is to close the Photoshop program and then open Internet Explorer in Windows. Next navigate to drive C and the Adobe Photoshop Plug in extension program that says ~Bigger Tiles 8BX.

You should rename the file to Bigger Tiles 8BX. You then simply restart Photoshop.

Photoshop tutorials help you with your black and white photos as well. One tip offered is about the conversion of a color image to black and white by using the channel mixer.

What you should do is open the image you're trying to convert, and then go to the Photoshop menu, to Image and then to Adjustments, and then finally to Channel Mixer.

Here you check monochrome at the bottom or your dialog. This may be all it takes to make the right black and white look. If the result isn't perfect you can tweak it by making small adjustments to your program's color channel.

The effect is much better than using the standard Photoshop desaturate process.

Another of the Photoshop tutorials offers precision editing tips.

To convert your layer styles in Photoshop into layers, thus providing even more style opportunities, all you need to do is open your Layers palette, select your layer and right click on the styles icon. Now select the create layers option. It's that simple.

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