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The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team located in St. Louis, Missouri. They belong to the Central Division in the National League of Major League Baseball and are the current World Series Champions. They are also nicknamed as "the Cards" or "the Redbirds". The St. Louis Cardinals have won ten World Series. It is the highest record for any National League team, and is second only to the New York Yankees who have twenty-six World Championships to their credit. The St. Louis Cardinals were established in the American Association in the 1882 and was called the St. Louis Brown Stockings. In 1892, they joined the National League and since 1900 they have been known as St. Louis Cardinals. They are a very popular team and getting St. Louis Cardinals tickets is an uphill task if you try to procure the St. Louis Cardinals tickets by yourself. If you hire the services of a ticket broker, getting St. Louis Cardinals tickets is a piece of cake. They will not only get you the required number of St. Louis Cardinals tickets but also deliver them to your doorsteps.

About Baseball And Free Agency

Not too much data is available about the roots of baseball. It had its origin in early games that have been fine-tuned and modified to look like the present day baseball. However, there is strong evidence that baseball is very American. Like everything, baseball has also undergone a sea change since its inception. Nevertheless, certain aspects of the game, especially the basic rules, have not altered too much- A little thing here and there but not too much.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has changed to quite an extent after the birth of free agency in 1976. Since the time immemorial, the owners had total control over the players. They decided on the salaries the players would get. However, with the birth of free agency, the players had the choice of negotiating their price and choosing the team they want to play with. This made getting good players quite competitive.

Of course, the players themselves had to have the required skill and talent to demand their price. The major difference came in terms of the fact that the players had the benefit of signing contracts that are guaranteed. As a result, they would receive their salary irrespective of the fact how he played. The idea of free agency was implemented with the notion that in order to be competitive, a team needs to pay its players as per their market value. There is no logic in trying to exploit a player by paying him low salary. A disgruntled and dissatisfied player cannot in give his best. Therefore, for the benefit of the team, the owner and the nation as a whole, a player must be allowed to quote his own price. Of course, he has to prove his own mettle to get that price. Finally, it is a win-win situation for all concerned parties. Al is the webmaster of St Louis Cardinals Tickets, a sports entertainment website with team and venue history, as well as St Louis Cardinals tickets information.

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