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by Paul Schmitt - Date: 2006-12-21 - Word Count: 307 Share This!

The most important thing you can do with you articles is to submit your articles to publishers. This is a key way to get back links to your site for your articles. It is by now a well known fact that by writing and publishing your articles you can get your site indexed and ranked on many well known search engines. One of the main things is to find software that will aid you in submitting all of your articles. Click Here

You will get more links if you submit your article to not just one but many publishers. I usually submit mine to over 200 publishers. However this can be very time consuming and take many hours. I use software to help me to almost auto submit my articles. You can find a link for the software Click Here

This software will automatically log you into the publishing site using your preset author name and password, a one time set up. Once it logs you on it instantly place your article title, key words, author bio and most all of the fields. Once you press submit, it will submit your article and take you to the next site.

I have found that this saves me hours of cutting and pasting. What could take me 5 or 6 hours now is reduced to about twenty minuets. Submitting articles to publishers is now ever than ever.

Getting back links to your site can some times be difficult and take many hours of your time. If you publish your articles and other webmasters use them in their sites they have to include your link within your article that you published. Anyone using your article can not change it or the links. This will give you many back links.

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