Self-Pleasuring - How To Get Much More Enjoyment Simply By Moving Your Thumb (Part 2)

by M. Coleman - Date: 2007-04-03 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

The following program is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended in any way to constitute medical advice or recommendation.

In Part 1 we introduced the self-pleasuring practice and described a procedure to use for a moderate level of arousal. In Part 2 we take the practice further and also provide some notes related to the practice.

Method 2. High level of arousal

This is a variation on the above method that can be used when highly aroused.

1. Encircle the penis just below the ridge as in Method 1 then make the following adjustments:

* Break the circle by keeping the first finger around the underside of the penis just below the ridge to provide support but bending the thumb so that the end of the thumb presses directly down into the area on the topside of the penis just below the ridge.

* The pressure needs to be sufficient to prevent the grip moving up over the ridge.

* The remaining fingers can be wrapped around the penis shaft or held out away from the penis - whatever suits.

2. Once the grip is in position you can continue to stimulate yourself.


1. Don't wait until the very last moment to adopt either of the above techniques as you may reach a state of arousal in which ejaculation is unstoppable.

2. Practice may not make perfect but it certainly helps.

3. Commence self-pleasuring by stimulating the whole of the penis, that is, the shaft and the head area. As arousal builds up, move into a pattern of alternating between the shaft and the area just below the ridge (as described in the above methods). Initially try a pattern of alternating between 5 shaft (equivalent to deep vaginal thrusts) followed by 5 ridge area (equivalent to shallow vaginal thrusts). If level of arousal continues to rise move progressively to 1 shaft followed by 9 ridge area.

4. If this strategy doesn't sufficiently control the level of arousal you may need to slow down the rate of stimulation or even stop stimulating for a brief period until the level subsides.

Although the techniques described above can be effective in controlling the level of arousal they are not the complete answer to enjoying 'endless' masturbation without ejaculation. There are two other techniques - one of which uses the generation and movement of sexual energy and the other I call the "seesaw". Each is very powerful in its own right but when they are used in combination with the thumb technique provide great control over ejaculation to the extent that you can enjoy intercourse (or masturbation) virtually for as long as you choose.

In addition, you can enjoy all the potential benefits of healthy, creative masturbation. These benefits can include direct rejuvenation your vital organs giving rise to energy boost, stress reduction, supercharged vitality and much more. Now you can feel really alive and energised and ready for more sex, even after ejaculating… no more post-ejaculation droop, no more tiredness!

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