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Private Universities competing for Enrollment in the Beijing West Railway Station played host ads Admission Counseling.

Recently, Education Department of Policy Studies and Legal Construction Secretary, Sun Xiao-Bing in the interpretation of "national education reform and development plan for medium and long term," disclosed that private education will become an important growth point in the development of education, China First-class university May also come from private schools. Meanwhile, in some places now exist for civil servants and some student Zhao Lu refused Min Banxiao discriminatory policy, outline clearly the correct clearance.

Min Banjiao be awarded doctorate Reported participating in the CPPCC organized the first "contribution for Private Education in China and the" Plan "seminar for Comments", Sun Xiao-Bing said that draft outline for the private education gives a new definition, that private education is education the development of a key growth point and an important force to promote education reform. In the future, further development of education, rely on private education to achieve.

"The future of education reform and development is done well well, look at private education." Sun Xiao-Bing frankly, the future of China's leading schools, including world-class school, whether from public schools, or private schools, this is still undecided among . Therefore, all levels of government to the development of private education as an important responsibility, to encourage investment school, especially to support the private education system, mechanisms and employing innovative model to improve the quality of unique, good group of high quality private schools.

In addition, the Plan also noted that explore the development of preferential policies to promote private schools, private schools, degrees awarded, from undergraduate through to doctoral degrees, master's and doctoral degree that is granted on conditions with the private schools should be approved in accordance with regulations.

Pilot Min Banjiao Category Management Plan proposed the establishment of sound social insurance system of private school teachers, carried out on the profit and nonprofit private schools classified management pilot. This caused considerable controversy

for reference, Sun Xiao-Bing said that this draft does not make absolute ideas, that is to be the pilot. Min Banjiao conduct classification, in the long run benefit the development of private education, all go their own way, support and management policies easy to clear, but the form of private education is now more complex and therefore proposed to carry out private education classification management pilot, also for We discuss how to further improve.

The same time, private school teachers in the social insurance issue, Sun Xiao-Bing that the private school and public school teachers are teachers, insurance issues to be treated equally.

Clear policy of discrimination against Min Banxiao
"Clean up and correct the various forms of discrimination against private schools policy" was seen as planning framework for private education in a big positive. Sun Xiao-Bing pointed out that various kinds of discrimination against private schools policy, there may still exist in various places. Cleaning correct these discriminatory policies, both in the education sector, but also other relevant departments. Civil service recruitment in some areas and some special institutions, clear that private school students do not "belong to such a policy to clean up and correct the list."

In accordance with the Plan draft, the school system to public schools on the basis of deepening the reform, but also further improve the delivery of non-compulsory education, improve preferential policies to encourage fair competition, to guide social capital in various ways to enter the field of education . Sun Xiao-Bing said that preferential policies are not perfect, the competition is not very fair, so need to improve preferential policies, including fair competition, including relaxation of the conditions of access to social capital into the lead. "Social capital into it, mainly into private education, of course not rule out access to public education."

Hot UNESCO Deputy Director Hu Wei
Shanghai Hidden discrimination policy should be clear
Min Banjiao students the discriminatory policies of the explicit and implicit distinction. For example, specifically, the Min Banxiao Public school students can not enjoy the treatment of students is obvious discrimination. But there are hidden discrimination, such as public schools after the excessive accumulation of resources, affect the living environment of private schools, squeeze the living environment of private schools. For example, excessive support, said the private schools into public schools a management practice is also a hidden discrimination.

Therefore, discrimination policies can not read files above the surface of what is discrimination, there are dominant and recessive. Clean up, not only to clear the dominant, but also clean hidden. Can be made in this outline is a big breakthrough. Outline of the first to affirm the understanding of the private schools is that a relatively high level, but also embodies the wisdom of the whole people, of course, including the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education top-down, bottom-up driven, and thus there today's results.

State Department counselor Ren Yuling Private Pilot Public Universities turn
Private Education I did some research, found that many of the world important political and economic figures, military figures come from private schools, and in our country is not the case. This is not the low level of education and we are now, and even a source of Nobel Prize missed it? I think we should think about.

Improve the treatment of private education, private education is clearly in China's education should account for what position, I think this question should be in the education reform program inside and wrote some of the content. Now many public HEIs, such as Tsinghua University, annually sponsored by many businesses, far more than many overseas universities, but why miss it on with the Nobel Prize, the main reason or not to run independently.

Prime Minister has now proposed to Expert Scholarship, school educator, I have an idea that we change the run status of education in education after the privatization of a portion of University. Universities in the past 10 years to be a try out three, the state will no longer put to them by their own to run their own independent accounting to themselves to admissions. I think this might be able to run our universities.

Experimental School in Beijing, chairman of the twenty-first century, Zhang Jieting
Private education needs a level playing field

Public education and private education has been unequal status, while private education is most needed is a level playing field. So private education and public education possible competition, possible further development. "Platform" mentioned in the support of private education, which allows us to see hope. Now, although the Government has issued the "Private Education Promotion Law," the support for private education are also clearly

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