Fighting Frustration

by Ramiro Sejas - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 929 Share This!


I don't know you. But I have been frustrated many times. My heart was broken many times. I divorced. I have been unemployed. I have been in the street. I have felt totally alone. I became an alcoholic. There were nights I closed my eyes waiting not to wake up any more. I was on the edge of the suicide a couple of times. I needed help like never before in my life but there was nobody around to help me. And I discovered an even worse thing: there was nobody who could really help me. As things were going I could see only two choices. Being dead or somebody to drive me back in time so I could rectify the bad decisions I took, the opportunities I lost, in short so that I can fix my life but knowing the results of my last errors ahead of time. The first thing didn't happen 'cause I didn't have the guts of taking away my life and simply day after day I checked that it won't happen naturally, not yet. The second chance is a fantasy. Then, sinked in the deepest bitterness and frustration, a thought began to hum in my mind. There was a tool, the only one I could count on..... my mind! I realized that all my life, and any other person's life, is governed by the group of thoughts occupying the mind. Tell a woman she looks great today and you will draw a smile in her face, you will light her day. Why? Because you put a pretty thought in her mind! You go to your office tomorrow, you enter in the elevator and you listen as a murmur "... poor man, his wife deceives him..." and moreover they're looking to you. Forget it man! Your day has become a hell. You have a lousy mood. You cannot concentrate on your work. And what is the reason? Because an unpleasant thought has entered in your mind! And maybe the murmur you heard in the elevator were even not referred to you! Thoughts work in this way, for or against us while occupying our mind. And they are like the stone in a pond, they can generate chain reactions in our lives of disastrous consequences. That is what I discovered. And, after that, I decided to use my mind in my favor. I began to re-program it. And I found the only way to replace the old thoughts was putting new ones in my mind. More beneficial for my activities and my life. More powerful than those that had ruined my life. Then the computer I had up of my shoulders began to work... in the way I wanted!

I began to see solutions to my problems I didn't see before. I began to feel more optimistic. I began to feel more energy every new day. And all that gave place to a dramatic change in my life. You don't need money! You don't need a "specialist" (that neither has lived, nor has suffered your problems) helping you to solve your problems. Take yourself the responsibility of all your errors, of all your faults and your lacks. The only thing you need is in your head! Use it! Here is the formula! Repeat, all the time you can do it, each new thought that you consider beneficial for you like a no-end tape ... (sometimes in silence others aloud) until you see results! Believe me, it works!


In your head you have the biggest computer of the universe. Your brain represents the hardware and your thoughts the software. Although you cannot update your brain to a brain Pentium V for example, your brain is powerful enough for not to need any type of updating. However, YES, you can change the programs that govern your reactions, your attitude, your state of mind. YES, you can change the thoughts that make you act in an or another way. YES, you can program your mind with the appropriate thoughts to make your life in agreement to as you want it to be.


A man invented a recipe for the cough that didn't have the desired effect. Another bought it and transformed that same recipe into the most sold drink in the world. Let me ask you: Which is the difference among these two men? Answer: The thoughts occupying their minds. One had his mind programmed to make inventions, the other one to see business opportunities. Which one would you like your mind to be programmed as?
Less than 200 years behind some men '' dreamt of flying while others believed that it was impossible to achieve it". Some of them imagined themselves rising throuhg the air in a great flying machine even not knowing how to do it, while the other ones maintained their thoughts in earth. You tell me, who changed humanity's history? And, Why? In the same way in real life it is the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind that determine your success or your failure. Your thoughts are those that make you capable or unable of overcoming the setbacks. It is your thoughts that can sink you into frustration or take you out of it. Don't lose time and try it! Re-program your mind! Re-program your life! What do you have to lose? What can you win? You don't have to live frustrated. You deserve a life without frustration. You must take action now against frustration.

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J. Ramiro Sejas M. Author of "How YOU Can Overcome Frustrations In An Easy, Cheap And Simple Way"

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