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by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2007-02-13 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

Why is everyone talking about 4 color printing?

Experts say that the more colors you have in your marketing materials, the more it will be effective. This is because people judge what they see these days in colors. The more colorful, the best. Colors make a lasting impact. This is what you need to succeed in the competitive market today.

There are already many ways to achieve 4 color printing. In addition, some companies are also offering discount printing on colored prints. What made all these possible are the modern machines capable of producing more in the lowest time plus the expertise that people now have.

Most of them offer two styles of 4 color printing process. The first is process printing. This method is best used for designs and photos that need brilliant colors. The main colors used are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Using these colors, a number of color, tone and shade are created.

The imaginative printer is capable of reproducing and combining the given colors so that the design made will achieve its purpose. But then, the result will still depend on the initial planning and layout. If not done perfectly, choose another printer.

The other 4 color printing process is spot printing. Tints are put on plates and are printed separately to create varying tones and shades. For printing jobs that are up to three colors, this is the best printing method to use.

For the more conventional, 4 color offset printing is at their service. Perfect for large format printing and for the person that wants quality at its best. You can find a many printing companies capable of doing this for you.

With the many innovative tools and equipments that people can use today, it is no wonder why 4 color printing is easier to do. This is also the reason why everybody is going for it. Unlike before, it will hurt your budget that much.

4 color printing is also accessible. All you have to do is go online. A number of choices are given to you. Choose the one you think will give you the result you need while considering other aspects like price and deadline. While you are at it, you could also check out some of their printing quotes and estimates so you will know the exact prices even before getting their services.

Now, put on some 4 color printing touches in your materials and see how easy and effective it can be.

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