The Long Term Health Benefits Of Massage And Saunas

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Many people seek massage and saunas to reduce stress or tension, promote relaxation and treat body pains. Therapists recommends at least one session of massage and sauna for each month to provide long-term health benefits.

Although massages and saunas are two different things, having these two services in one day will provide a better experience. Since saunas can loosen muscles, unwinding your body from normal daily stress, you will have a longer massage session because the unwinding process has already been done. Instead, your massage will start immediately, rejuvenating your joints and muscles.

For many women, pampering themselves with a massage and sauna is a perfect gift to relieve the normal stress received from academics, work and other demanding tasks. It is best to schedule one day each month to ensure your body will be given proper attention.

Things To Consider With A Massage And Sauna Combo

In choosing a relaxation package, you will be faced with a number of options for both massages and saunas. In terms of massages, you need to choose the type of massage you would like to receive, such as deep tissue, acupressure, trigger point, Watsu, Swedish and other traditional or modern massages. Each type of massage will provide a different level or style, so it is important to read up on the appropriate massage you desire.

Saunas, on the other hand, also have different options. Although all kinds of saunas provide the same benefits of promoting sweat, removing body toxins and improving blood circulation, the type of heat source will affect the result of your sauna. You can choose between electric, gas, oil and wood heat sources.

Once you have decided the type of massage and sauna you prefer, you can now seek a reputable therapist, day spa or beauty salons to reserve an appointment. It is best to schedule your "relaxation day" exactly on your day-off or during weekends to allow your body to prepare or relax before the sauna and massage.

On the day of your sauna and massage, you need to eat lightly for about an hour before you sauna. It is important that you don't feel bloated during these procedures, but eating a little amount of foods prevents hunger while you are on session. After your sauna, dress up in comfortable and loose clothes for your massage.

Planning a massage and sauna once a month can provide both men and women with an unparalleled experience that can benefit a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that can revive a tired body and mind from hard work, studying and other stressful events.

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