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There are many thoughtful and creative things that you can make for your soon-to-be bride friend. She is very special to you and now that she is planning to her wedding, the least thing you can do to make her feel special, loved, and cared for is create something that she will surely cherish for years to come.

Scrap booking is one of the most excellent DIY ideas that you can present to the bride-to-be. This makes a very special gift for her that is full of memories, which she'll reminisce over and over again. Making a special scrapbook for the bride-to-be is not that difficult to do. In fact, it is easy and inexpensive.

There are various things that you may want to include on the pages of the book, like a copy of her bridal shower invitation and wedding invitation. These two can make a good start of making a scrapbook that is focused on her wedding. And when you send out the invites, encourage the guests to send you a photo of the bride with them and write a short message or anything that may become special to her, like poems or song lyrics dedicated to the bride. After you gather all the photos, you can add them to the pages as you continue your scrap booking. You can add some captions using colored pencils or pens on the photos or pages if you want. Or, why not think of having the guests write their message on the actual scrapbook on the day of her wedding or on her bridal shower? This idea would also be nice and it would be easier for you to fill the pages up.

You can also paste some photos of the bride-to-be and the places where she goes into as she plans her wedding. For example, a bridal shop can be a favorite place of a bride or a store where she registered the gifts she wants. Take some photos of the those stores, or if she goes with you then you can set up a short photo shooting activity in and out of the building. Aside from it, you may also like to take a photo of the list she made at the store and the items that she listed.

You may also include some photos you have taken during her bridal shower. If you've volunteered to be the official photographer of the party, probably you have some photos of the entire venue the guests had arrived. You might have taken photos of each decorated room, as well as the outside area.

Last but not the least, include fun photos of guests during the bridal shower games, photos of menu, bridal shower favors, and of course her bridal shower gifts. Scrapbook kits usually arrive with beautiful embellishments that you can use to decorate each page of your scrapbook, such as stickers and stamps, but feel free to add other decorations if you want. That special scrapbook that you made makes a sweet and thoughtful bridal shower gift for your bride-to-be friend!

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