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by Sean Ray - Date: 2007-03-01 - Word Count: 241 Share This!

More than likely, you have seen a banner ad or two (million) if you have spend any amount of time online. You know what they are: those rectangular ads that appear all over the web, touting businesses of all kinds. The basic idea is that these ads - like something akin to real-world billboards - are designed to catch your attention. Your part in all of this is to click on them, which will bring you to the advertiser's website where you will (theoretically) buy whatever it is they are peddling.

At its base level, a banner ad is a specialized kind of hypertext link, wherein a piece of HTML code directs a web browser to open up a specified web page when a user clicks on it. Instead of a traditional link that uses text as an indication of where to click, a banner ad uses a graphic or an animation.

Much like traditional print ads, banner ads can take many different forms. Some contain only one image (in the form of a JPEG or GIF image) while others are animated, displaying a succession of graphics one after another. Some use audio or video elements (these are called rich media ads) and still others have an interactivity feature that goes beyond you simply clicking on the ad. No matter what form they take, banner ads serve two basic functions: To get your attention and to convince you to "click through" to the advertiser's website.

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