What Is Stretching?

by Tracy Brinkmann - Date: 2007-02-06 - Word Count: 423 Share This!

Since you were a child, you have been told that stretching is something that you should be doing. It doesn't matter if you are just getting up for the day, or you are going for a five mile run, stretching is something that you've been told has to happen.

The truth is that this is very true. Although most individuals will say that they know stretching is important, most don't know why it is important. Of course, that could also be that most do not 'exercise' that knowledge. Understanding what happens during stretching will help you to understand why you need to do it.

First, The Science

When your muscles are stretched, the muscle fibers are lengthened. They are pulled out. But, some of those fibers do stay in tact at their resting, or normal, size. When you lengthen the muscle to its fullest state, you keep it from being becoming injured or otherwise compromised while you are function normally or even above normal levels. Remember, when your body is at rest, the muscles are at rest. They are not fully ready to be used. The longer the muscles are at rest, the tighter and shorter they become.

If you consider all that you will be doing with your muscles, from simple walking around to carrying heavier items, you will clearly see that you will need full range motion with your muscles.

For example, if you need to extend the muscles in your legs so that you can run and you have not fully stretched them, there are problems that could easily result. The first of which is that the muscles are too tight causing the lack of full range of motion and function.

Secondly, these tight muscles can be injured far more easily if you pull them out too far.

As you can see, it is quite important for you to take the time to stretch. By not doing so, you limit what your body can and can't do. You also put yourself at a real risk of injury if you try to extend those muscles beyond the point of where they are currently used be being at.

The goal is to provide yourself with muscles that are completely flexible, even nimble, and that are able to help you to complete your tasks in the best possible manner. To do this, you must consider adding a stretching workout to your day. You should consider what stretching can do to improve your body's abilities as well.

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