Comparing the Best Social Network Software

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There are numerous considerations that you need to take into account when you are trying to decide the best social network software for your needs. The options of programs that are available is quite extensive and if you have money to burn you can most certainly find a very expensive solution that will handle your needs. But if you are not made out of money and are not looking to spend $20,000 just for an initial set up then you are going to need to start comparing software that is the same price at a much lower level.

A software package that is only $20 is certainly not going to be as good as software that is $20,000 but the majority of people simply cannot afford to fork over the $20,000. Plus stop and consider how many people are really going to be using your site, if you are only looking at a few people then there is no reason at all why you should pay that much for the best social network software available, you are not going to need it. The majority of people are able to use software that is only in the $200-$400 range quite comfortably for a very large site. However, if you are only needing something for approximately 100 users or less you should typically stick to lower priced software packages.

The majority of all social networking programs will allow you the same standard features such as adding users, communicating with them and choosing who has access to what tools on the site. The best social network software will also give you additional features such as e-mail capabilities, message options, video and photo availability and so much more. Yet if you are working on building a very small site often the additional cost for those frills is unjustified.

However, imagine the outcry that would happen if MySpace stopped allowing users to share video and pictures. The number of users that they have would make it quite difficult to not offer those services without upsetting a large number of users. Yet the majority of users on very small sites do not expect these types of services. This comes back into the issue of how many users you plan to support realistically with your social network site. If you are planning on creating the best social network, you are going to need the best social network software possible. You simply could not operate a site that is the best using mediocre software.

The options that are available can seem very overwhelming, but by comparing all of the features that are listed with each potential program you can generally determine which is the best choice within your realistic budget. Remember, over paying for software is not a wise decision, you should purchase the best social network software that you can afford that will still fit into your needs and provide you with the basic services that you need. Consider for example, MySpace certainly did not start out by offering all of the features that they have today, and they most likely are not done adding features and tools either. Typically websites continue to grow and develop over time, this means you have the ability to later as your budget can allow add additional tools that your users will appreciate.

There are times when creating the perfect site using the best social network software means building your site a small piece at a time. There is nothing wrong with this method and most of the major websites are actually created this way. If you wait until the entire site is perfect, you are likely to never get it open. Bug testing alone can last for several months if not longer, however most users are willing to work around bugs as long as they know that active development is under way. Plus the best social network software will generally be very stable and have very few bugs making it perfect for a much faster launch.

Your dream site may not be what you initially start out with, but finding the best social network software that is within your budget is possible. You should be prepared to spend at least a week comparing all of the options within a price range that you feel comfortable paying. One consideration that you should always remember is you should never be forced to take out a second mortgage or even a loan in order to pay for the software that you want. If you cannot afford the software, find a cheaper version that will still provide you with the results you need. Pricing is a very important consideration when you are looking for the best social network software.

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