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It is a known fact the Google is the largest of all the search engines. You do have to wonder though what some businesses that work off the web=think about them compared to smaller search engines. You can find out some interesting information from bid retail online stores about what they like and prefer. Some of them like the smaller search engines better because their customers have an easier time with some of them.

One in particular is called Price Grabber. This one is a shoppers favorite because it gives you so much information about the store itself and the items that they sell. They have a good selection of stores to choose from as well as the reviews of previous shoppers about their experience with dealing with the particular store and with the specific products.

This site is nice because it has retailers on there that haven't even made the top ten list of big search engine pages yet. They look at smaller retailers and will include them if they are selling things that they are comparing at a lower price. Because of this there is a chance for smaller companies to get into the comparison, which would normally be impossible.

This is an excellent way of being ranked because it is hard to have your business put up on the top page of Google and others. That doesn't mean they are better companies it just means that they are more visible. Price Grabber finds more good shopping sites that are lower on most lists. They also let you just roll your mouse over the products that you are shopping for to get more info. It is nicer than having to open endless extra windows.

It will be interesting to check if all the struggling between Google and Bing will result in a better experience for regular shopping people. When you go on your next search you need to check and see if they do make life easier for you when you shop online. It is good to know that you have other choices to check out products, get reviews, and even look into other stores that you may not have realized existed.

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