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I've used Heathrow International Airport a lot in the past few years for my business flights and I've used the car parking facilities there almost every time. I've tried out the services at most of the companies operating out of Heathrow so I know quite a bit about parking there.

These days, I always make my parking arrangements online beforehand. It's a great way to save yourself a little time on the day of your flight and you can sometimes get a deal that can save you a few pounds on what we all know is a rather pricey service.

Most of the Heathrow car parking agencies offer a fairly standard level of service. You'll find the same level of security and professionalism almost everywhere you go. Most of the places vary only in their price and location. I usually make my choice based on how much time I have and how much money I want to spend.

The best option when you have to drive to the airport is to indulge in valet parking. MBV Parking can send someone to meet you as you pull up at the airport. They park your car while you get on with your check-in and they have it ready for you the moment you return from your trip.

If you've never used parking at Heathrow airport before, I would suggest using Pink Elephant Parking or Parking Express. Both are located on-site at the airport complex and are easy to find by following their respective signs. Of the two, I prefer Pink Elephant as it's closer and it only takes a few minutes to reach the main terminals from there. Parking Express is slightly less expensive, but is about 15 minutes drive from the main terminals and slightly longer if you need to access Terminal 4.

When flying from Heathrow Airport I'm a big fan of parking at Q-Park. Not only is it close to the terminals (about 7 minutes away) and easy to find, but it has a great check-in procedure, second only to the valet parking. You pull up in front of reception and one of the staff parks your car while you do the paperwork and get on a shuttle. Airways Cranford offers similar service, but isn't as close. It is a good option though if you are coming off the M4.

For flights out of Terminal 4, the best place for airport parking is the Park and Fly. It's especially easy to get to if you are coming to Heathrow from the south or if there's traffic on the M4. They can have you at the terminal within minutes after check-in.

Finally, Purple Parking offers a fairly standard parking service and is about 15 minutes from the main terminals, with shuttles operating on demand.

I've tried out a couple of different methods, but I think these websites mentioned below offer the easiest and quickest way of making your parking arrangements at Heathrow. I travel about twice a month out of Heathrow and have tried some several times.

Heathrow airport parking

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