Different Types Of Kisses-How And When To Kiss

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People kiss in many different ways. Passionate kisses,playful kisses,all these type of kisses vary depending on the of relationship and intimacy with a person.

The best known type of kiss is the french kiss. This one is widely used by the largest part of adult and young lovers around the world. The french kiss means that the two partners open their mouth and the tongues touch. I am not quite really sure the French was the first to kiss like this but let's just say the kiss is a tribute to the city of lovers,Paris.The two partners can use their tongues to explore each other's mouth.

A good kiss is the one that is meant to surprise and to convey intensity rather than tenderness.When your lover is absorbed by something,sleeping or working,just plant a quick kiss on her lips by surprise. You must be careful not to spoil the surprise.Afterwords you can decide going for more kisses or leaving her to her work.

Another kind of kiss is the one that focuses on the lips instead of the inside of the mouth. The idea is to convey a strong sense of passion which is achieved by gently sucking on your partner's lips.As she is more likely to have her mouth opened in anticipation of a french,this can be easily achieved.

A variation of the kiss described above is meant to add yet another twist to the passion to the kissing couples. While sucking on your lover's lip, use your teeth to bite her lip very gently. Just nip on it, don't go for a full fledged bite. This type kiss should be used by lovers who have kissed before. It's not exactly the kind of thing one does on the first date.

There are really many options as stated above. Do not be afraid to experiment with your lover. Sincere and passionate kisses are among the best things in life.

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