Nickelback's musical success is unprecedented

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The Canadian band Nickelback has surpassed all expectations and experienced huge commercial success after the release of their album, How you Remind Me. This turned out to be a smash hit in Canada, United States and other parts of the world as well. Nickelback was formed in the year 1995 at Hanna, Alberta. Right now the band is based in Vancouver, British Columbia where they are continuing to churn out hit numbers for their fans. The band was started by Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and former 3 Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair. Chad Kroeger is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, Mike Kroeger is the lead bass guitarist, Ryan Peake is the guitarist and back vocalist while Daniel is the drummer and also another back vocalist of the band.

When the band started they did not have enough money to finance the recording of an album. Chad borrowed money from his step father and used a friend's studio in Vancouver to record their first album. Nickelback then embarked on cross country tours across several countries for the publicity and promotion of their album. In the year 2000, Nickelback independently released second full album titled The State. During this time a law was passed in Canada that proved to be hugely beneficial for this band. The law stated that Canadian content requirement must be increased for Canadian radio. Now due to this law local radio stations were desperately searching for some Canadian rock bands that they could promote. Nickelback gained a lot as a result of this law and their popularity reached to new levels.

The third album released by the band Nickelback was titled Silver Side Up. All the earlier songs had lyrics that were written in a metaphorical manner, but in this album Chad followed a more direct approach for writing the lyrics. Some of the popular hits of Nickelback were Too Bad, How you Remind Me and Never Again. The band has won many popular wards and some of them are Juno Awards (9 Times), an MTV Video Music Award, an American Music Award and also a World Music Award for World's best selling rock artist. Additionally the band was also nominated for twelve Juno Awards, four American Music Awards and seven Grammy Awards. The fourth album of the band was titled The Long Road and the track Someday went on to become a huge hit globally.

Popularity of the band Nickelback is huge and the record number of sale of their album. The songs of this band are a huge not only in America and Canada but also globally. Right now Nickelback is in the pre production stage of recording their first full fledged album which is scheduled to be released early in 2008. The band's latest release All the Right Reasons has sold over 5 million in United States and more then seven million album globally.

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