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by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-09-07 - Word Count: 367 Share This!



      There are so many religions in this world and now we are establishing so many new sub religions and this process is going on.  This world and its people have divided themselves into religions and sub religions and now they have got separate religious books, separate religious places, separate way of living, separate attires, separate system of meeting each other, separate system of marriages and separate laws on divorce and maintenance of children and spouses.  All the religions have got their own system of worship and prayers.  Every child gets the religion in which he is born and very rarely people could change religion. 

               Actually the people of this world have been divided and now there seems no chance that they may unite and become one.  All efforts made till date to unite the religions and become one have failed.  We all are declaring that God is one, but still there are different religions and all the people have faith in their own religion and they do not believe that their prayer shall be accepted if they follow the methods prescribed in another religion.. 

               Religions had been playing good roles, but now they are dividing the people and they are becoming enemy of each other.  Some groups are turning terrorists and some are taking revenge through riots and therefore, in all parts in history of this man, the people in different religions had been fighting amongst each other and they had been killing innocent people and therefore, some roles of religions had not been good and even today, we are of the view that the next world war, if at all  is shall be there, it shall be fought amongst different religions and one religion shall be trying to write off the other religion.

              Time has come when somebody must come forward and unite all the religions and turn into one religion so that all these divisions of mankind could be abolished and if these divisions continue, one day this man shall destroy the man and all developments made update.  We all should pray before God and request Him to send a man of will who could unite all the people and turn them one.

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