Bridal Shower Invitations, Critical for the Bridal Shower

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Bridal showers - every bride's dream. When the bridal shower begins, it signals the onset of a wedding, a special day, and a momentous event all in one. All the bride's closest friends and female relatives get together to shower the bride with gifts, wish her the best of luck on her upcoming wedding, and reminisce about old times - the old boyfriends, the first date, and the days of college friendship. It's not surprise then, that bridal shower invitations are often personal, prescient, and sincere.

Bridal showers are a tradition endemic to the United States and Canada in the 20th century. As such, the majority of bridal shower invitations are sold in U.S. web stores. There is scant evidence that bridal showers originated in Belgium in the mid-19th century. In either case, bridesmaids network to throw a party at the home of the bride and groom. They give gifts for the new home and share nostalgic memories. Legend has it that the bridal showers actually date much farther back, to the colonial era. At that time, when a father did not approve of a marriage, the friends would compensate for the loss of the father's dowry bestowal by bringing their own gifts.

Bridal showers require bridal shower invitations, and they're not sent out by the bride herself. Oftentimes, the primary leader of the bridal shower party will notify the bride as to the time of her bridal shower. Afterwards, this same leader will send out the invitations to other close friends and relatives that are not part of the bridesmaid brigade. Friends and relatives that aren't bridesmaids, i.e., hosts, are out of the loop, and invitations are sent out to these people.

Bridal showers thrived in big cities in the early 20th century and afterwards spread to rural areas. Through this process, Americans became obsessed with bridal showers. Bridal shower invitations, the newest most popular phase in the evolution of the bridal shower, are sold in great abundance online.

These are often less expensive and lighter in tone and mood than the wedding invitations. They're merely for friends, and they often express warm, heartfelt feelings in a cartoon-like or illustrated picture card.

The term, shower, refers to a bridal shower, as in the bride being showered with gifts from friends. It's like a birthday party for your wedding and it has become a mainstay American holiday just like the birthday itself.

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