5 Big Problems People Face When Choosing A Next Generation Console

by Terry Brazil - Date: 2007-02-21 - Word Count: 614 Share This!

Back in the stone age of console gaming most customers biggest worry was purchasing a gaming system who's games you enjoyed. In this day in age things have become much more complicated. Handful's of new technology has been released. The only exception this time around is the fact that they are so much different from each other.

Previous console gaming systems used to more similar. The graphics capabilities where all pretty close. The standard controllers where all quite similar if you really think about it. The games themselves may have came on different medias but the technology itself was quite similar.

However choosing what new console to go out and buy can be rather difficult. There are some things that people never really took into consideration. It used to simply be more about being either a Sonic or a Mario fan. But them days are far gone and over. Things have really been picking up pace and major developments have occurred

Difference In Technology

Welcome to the new days of console gaming. The technology in each of the new systems can really vary. Hell one of the consoles has not even really updated their video capabilities since the last generation of consoles came out. This is one of the biggest difficulties many shoppers will face when choosing a new system.


But not only has the technology changes. Next generation consoles can also carry a big hit to your wallet. Once again, in the past most consoles used to be in the same price range. These days you can pay as little as about $250 or as high as about $700. As you might see this can be a very big disappointment to many who do not know exactly what system provides what they are looking for.

Media Features

Many people may like to use their next generation console for something a little more than just gaming. Two out of the three new consoles will allow you to play music and DVD's on them. While the other lacks this capability. So if this is a concern for you make sure you do your research first. However there is buzz about the misfit next generation console getting this capability soon.

Reverse Compatibility

If you have owned previous consoles and have collected a lot of games over the years then reverse compatibility may even be the deciding factor in your choice. However the ability to play your old console games on your next generation console may be a problem. One of the next generation consoles is not completely backward compatible. Even though it has been out the longest it still remains an issue


One of next generation consoles really broke ground this time around. Something was done that we never have seen before with a controller. Console games are now a lot more interactive. You no longer just sit around hitting buttons. This new console gets your butt out of the chair and moving around. Did you ever think you would get a good workout while gaming?

So as you can tell the next generation consoles really are very different Comparing each of the new consoles can also be quite a hassle. But being disappointed when you plug in your new console can be even worse.

Make sure to do your research and choose the the correct next generation console for you, the first time around. With how things are these days you can no longer return your opened games. Not to mention any hassle you will get for returning the new console itself. It is well worth the time to make sure you know what you are getting into.

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