Self Storage Variations and Uses

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More and more of us are using self storage as a way to store those special or even not so special items. The uses are as varied as the needs of its consumers and the industry itself has changed to meet those needs. Self storage is not just someone putting items they no longer need in a garage type room but has expanded to be more convenient and to meet every type of need.

Of course, when someone thinks of self storage they do usually think of a garage type facility where they may, for a fee, store their items. And that type of facility does still exist. These basic storage rooms vary at each of the many locations. They can range from an oversized closet to a much larger space depending on the consumers needs, and the price they are willing to pay. These facilities are located almost everywhere so finding a convenient location is very simple.

The concept is simple; you unload your item into the space, close the door and lock it. You pay a monthly fee, according to the space and location and you are all set. This is especially good for items you do not need every day or for someone who may between homes. This service provides a space to store items, that you are not sure you are ready to give up, and items that you just need to keep for a time. Many places even offer the free use of a moving truck to help you move your things to their unit.

Even this simple concept has different variations. Some self storage units offer air conditioned units, and security patrolled locations. Depending on your storage needs, these might better fit your situation. Many locations even offer recreational vehicle or boat self storage. This can be especially helpful if your home does not have parking available and you cannot or do not want to park your extra vehicle on the street. Access hours are usually very convenient, and the locations are usually accessible through a locked gate or fence.

Other concepts in self storage began appearing some time ago. Some of the options that we have seen are companies that will, for a fee, delivery a storage container to your home. They will give you a set time to fill it, and then will pick it up and move it to their storage location. This can be especially convenient when you are taking time to go through a home and putting certain things in storage. This would also be convenient when you are packing a whole house and putting it into storage between homes.

This method would allow you to take more time to store needed items, rather than drive back and forth to a set location. This could be a wonderful time saver in a big move or a house clean out, or remodeling. However, retrieving items is not as easy as simply driving up at your convenience, without notice, to access your belongings. You must usually call the facility to arrange for access to your container and provide some advance notice. Once you pack the items, they will remain in that container until you are ready to retrieve them, and are accessible only by you.

Self storage can not only come to your house, but it can stay there with companies that will lease or sell you a secured container for your home. This container will be stored at your home and be easily accessible by you at any time. They can be filled at your convenience and unloaded whenever you wish. Size and price would depend on your needs and the availability of space at your location, but this could be a convenient alternative to a facility. Of course, for some the convenience would be balanced out by the fact that the unit would need to be on your property, taking room that you may not have to spare.

So many options are available for self storage that anyone who finds themselves needing storage solution should do some research before making a choice. Check out the different options available to you and make a choice depending on your needs and budget. With so much to choose from it should be hard to find a solution that is best for you and your wallet.

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