The #1 Small Business Phone System

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Finding the right communications solution is atop priority for every growing business. So is simplicity. You need a solution that will help control costs and maximize your investment without increasing overhead or diverting scarce resources.

The Avaya PARTNER(r) Advanced Communications System (ACS) meets both of those challenges, combining power and simplicity in an affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one system that delivers over 100 productivity boosting features.

Standard Features Avaya PARTNER(r) ACS phone system is designed to deliver the productivity and collaboration features you need: Incoming Caller ID, 5-party conferencing, built-in speaker phones, fax management, remote administration, SMDR interfacethese are all standard on PARTNER ACS phone system.

Growth and investment protection Avaya PARTNER ACS phone system grows as a business grows. Maximum capacity is 31 lines and/or 48 stations (maximum line and station capacities cannot be reached simultaneously). The compact, modular design means the original processor does not need replacement even when modules are added to bring capacity up to the maximum.

Simple upgrades and additions Software upgrades are simple and it is easy to increase voice mail ports or add telephones. Many options are delivered on PCMCIA cards that are easily inserted into the system. Stations, lines or even capabilities such as messaging can be added on an "as needed" basis. And it is easy to connect a wide range of accessory devices, such as fax machines and credit card readers no special adapters are needed.

PARTNER ACS is a proven phone system with an installed base of nearly 1 million loyal users around the world gives you:

Over 100 built-in features
Enhanced voice messaging
Enhanced mobility options

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